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Kingfisher Picture

"A kingfisher perches and waits for dinner to show up before leaving his seat."


Should make a nice wallpaper for my PC ..

Lazy lazy


Laziness? I'd say it's creativity more like. With our developing technology we are always striving to make things easier and more convenient for ourselves- from laziness spawns creativity no?


"LONDON - Hackers are increasingly targeting 'internet of things' devices to access corporate systems - everything from CCTV cameras to air-conditioning units.

The "internet of things" refers to devices that are hooked up to the internet to allow live streams of data to be monitored. The term covers everything from household appliances to widgets in power plants and everything in between."


so the thermometer is networked presumably so it can data back to 'base', nobody at the casino realized the significance of this, and the hackers got onto the network via the fish tank thermometer..

Dirty Car Window Dust Sketches


"Scott Wade is an artist and he creates fabulous art out of a dirty car windows. Scott was living in Central Texas for 20 years hence cars were always dirty. He often used to doodle on the cars."



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