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I'm assuming this is somewhere in New England..?

The Legend of London's Time-Traveling Tomb


"The Victorians have always been fascinated by the idea of time travel. It seems that one place has left people puzzled. Located in west London, is Brompton Cemetery, it remains a wondrous curiosity of sorts."

"Decorated with ancient hieroglyphics, is a mausoleum within the confines of the cemetery. It was once believed, that the Egyptian pharaohs had discovered many secrets and one of them was a portal used to teleport through time much like a gateway."



"Cold showers might not sound like a fascinating thing to do, especially if you live anywhere aside from the tropics. You may dread the sense of stepping into a cold shower, as you know that every inch of your body is going to be stabbed with countless cold, wet knives.

However, cold showers are incredibly good for you, to the point that they can improve your life. And no, we aren't joking.

While this article focuses on the mental benefits of cold showers, there are also some amazing scientifically proven benefits as well."



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