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Take the quiz and find out. As it turns out I'm a cat!?


Some Random Pictures


There's some good uns in here, apologies for the ones featuring women's' backsides ..:p


I always suspected that I had v little common sense and this quick test has proved me right..I'm ashamed to say that I only managed 1 out of the 6 questions correctly - hopefully EVERYBODY else who takes this little test will do better than that ..


31 Times Gravity Was Expertly Defied


20 Interesting Facts About Dolphins


Therre's a few surprising ones in here, I'm suitably enlightened..


"When in other country cold weather can mean people dressing up more warmly in Russia its often a signal to some individuals to start wearing less cloths. Just take a look at these."


"Are you feeling constantly tired? It might be more than just your body. An individual's mental health can become fatigued as well. Do you ever feel like you simply can't go on?

People usually suffer from mental fatigue when they're mentally drained. The mind needs some rest too, not only the body. This drain isn't conducive to good health, so read on to find seven symptoms of mental fatigue."

7 Indications That You Suffer From Mental Fatigue.jpg

more sleep required ..


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