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Examples Of Awesome Street Art


"Loss of life Of Conversation: How Cell phones Take Over Our World

I give many a chemical rush when they answer my call, 8-10 US Citizens believe I was addictive, and I can destroy you if I'm abused.

What am I? A cell phone, of course! Because of cell phones, we are more linked than ever before, but disconnecting is also more painful.

The following shows, as well as the 'Death Of Conversation' job by Babycakes Romero, show some of the funny and not-so-funny side associated with our plugged-in lifestyle."

The funny thing is, these all ring so true ;)


Guy Makes His Own Drone Catcher


we need to unite and have a meeting to discuss the possible menace of these drones on the future as they become cheaper and then more  widespread..


People Not Putting Safety First


"As a tourist who has visited Venezuela, with all responsibility I declare - in this country make beautiful mannequins from rest. Still, they say, good specimens are found in Panama, but it is still only in the plans. Mannequins with extreme proportions have become standard in stores as Venezuelan women increasingly use plastic surgery to transform their bodies. www.ru"

mannequin biog tits.jpg

Dog Photograph of the Year Competition


"Every year, The Kennel Club, perhaps the oldest recognized canine institution in the world, delights us with pictures from their Dog Photographer Of The Year competition - and makes us fall in love with dogs even more...

The prestigious contest has been running for 12 years now. It received nearly 10,000 entries from 74 countries around the world. The competition has 10 categories, including 'Puppies', 'Assistance Dogs', 'Rescue Dogs', and 'Dogs At Work'. There's also a 'Man's Best Friend' category, that showcases photos that capture the deep bond between dogs and humans.

This year, Maria Davison from Portugal won the overall prize with a picture of a black puppy resting by her friend's feet. Davison said: "This image was already close to my heart and it is one of the photographs I am most proud of. It was not only a beautiful, real and candid moment I got to capture, but also a demonstration of the strong bond between one of my closest friends and her dog, Yzma. Winning not only the Man's Best Friend category, but also the overall winner prize with this picture feels really good."

The winning images will be exhibited at the Kennel Club in Mayfair, London."


1 Overall Winner And Man's Best Friend 1st Place Winner Maria Davison Ramos, Portugal

Green Is My Favourite Colour

Pictures of all things that are green..


Brazilian Carnivals Rule OK!


More Crazy Randomness


If you come to my site regularly then you will like this link for sure - crazy randomness was what this blog was built on...


Indian Train Journey


"Nowhere else in the world will you find so many travellers, travelling by train in India. Every day, more than 20 million people travel by this mean of transport in India. In this country the largest railway network in the world, which connects all corners of this big country. Journey in an Indian train will never be boring - when you meet a person of any class, education, caste, age. Given that the level of the rail network, quite frankly, old, for the unprepared person the trip of a few days can be a living hell - there is no air conditioning, clean linen; often the trains a giant crush because of overpopulation of the country. For Indians the same - it is routine"


Comedy Wildlife Photos


Life Can Be Scary


Things You Don't See Very Often


Gaming and Education


We all know that most kids these days don't particularly like textbooks - did we ever? But if you can sneak some actual facts and figures into computer games then the chances of kids being more enthusiastic about homework go through the roof.

In fact modern computers and software have revolutionised education - or they would if the government actually realized this and budgeted schools for more of them..

Oh but I forgot - we wouldn't see any difference in results for another generation so the mostly middle-aged politicians in power now just don't care :(



"What imagery comes to mind when you think about Istanbul? Whatever it is, it's probably not modern architecture, and that is what Turkish photographer Yener Torun is trying to change.

"Just think of the Istanbul photos you have seen before: grand mosques, old streets, seagulls over the Bosphorus. I show a completely different side. Even long-term residents can't believe these pics were taken in the city they live in," says the photographer.

He regularly updates his Instagram account with these incredibly vibrant examples of Istanbul's modern architecture. It started a couple of years ago, when he found an inspiration for his photography in architecture: "Usually architecture easily provides the things I look for - colours, geometric patterns, strong lines, shadow plays.""



Wind causes all sorts of problems :)


Strange Things & Odd Stuff


It;s a weird and wonderful world (sometimes)..


reminds me of those good old days when we lived in Bangkok

"27-year-old Chen Yan Xi is a Chinese engineer with a passion for cars. He recently showed off his latest creation at the 2015 Hainan International Automotive Industry Exhibition and it looks like a dream come true. He built the car from scratch and it looks like it could hold its own against any Lamborghini or Ferrari."


More Photos To Relieve Your OCD


I featured one of these OCD posts a while ago and it proved quite popular. Here's some more..



Another one of TripAdvisor's Features - funny how most of these are all in Florida..



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