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Militaries Having Fun


"Here are some moments of those men and women who sacrifices their life daily so that we can safely sleep at night. As well as, these photos prove that there is always a way to find something funny to do. No matter, how dangerous your situation is. Check out."


Scary Bridges


Wind Map


"The wind map is a personal art project, not associated with any company. We've done our best to make this as accurate as possible, but can't make any guarantees about the correctness of the data or our software. Please do not use the map or its data to fly a plane, sail a boat, or fight wildfires :-) "


Things That Are Annoying - Flippin' Heck


Pointer Pointer


This will drive you nuts trying to beat it - if you're not already nuts anyway..


These were the top 30 of the year announced by Nat Geographic - and they know a thing or 2 about photography there..some stunning images here and the high-resolution on these is amazing..


As an evening storm lights up the sky near Wood River, Nebraska, about 413,000 sandhill cranes arrive to roost in the shallows of the Platte River.

Saturday Sexy Girls - 42 of Them


Breasts are an important part of life - if women didn't have them then none of us would have had anything to eat when we were babies :()


What Is 3D Printing?


My Dad asked me this the other day so I looked it up and this is what it is..

More info here

10 Seconds To Decide


In answer to the first one (not the one below) - no, i wouldn't accept a million  quid even if it mean one person would lose their life. Human life is precious - the most precious thing of all -  apart from our planet itself ..


I only know BASIC..

Over-Groomed Horses


Horses and their owners can be as close as a man and his dog. I've got a funny feeling though that these horses' owners were all female?


"Frenchman Francois Pommery visited Afghanistan between 1969 and 1974 and he took many photos during his visits. The pictures show an interesting look at a peaceful Afghanistan before it became the war torn country it is today."

If you're interested more in the post WWII Afghanistan I recommend the James Michener book 'Caravans'...and if you do read that and you get a feel for Michener's writings then he's done some cracking other books - 'Alaska' and 'Hawaii' for instance...



Girls and Their Gadgets


For my lovely wife - Jeeyeb - looks like it's not just you then :) xxx


Some Interesting Facts about Drugs


It's a death penalty for possession even in Singapore - as it also is in Malaysia - 'Dadah is death' as the signs all say at the borders there..




Be it a tree in a house or a house in a tree we've all got ape DNA in us so I guess we're all pretty used to hanging about in trees..:)


Light & Photography


Tutorials, features and some great photography..


Weird, Funny & Crazy Things in Russia


Everyone has had their fair share of embarrassing moments but sports are widely photographed and televised eh so if you're a tennis player playing in a tournament and your knicker elastic suddenly goes it's pretty much guaranteed to be on the front page of the UK tabloids the next day :-|


she doesn't look like she's particularly embarrassed about the bikini line thing - it's the winning that is the important thing in sports not your appearance - there may be an exception to this with Premier League football players tho :-D


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