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If Companies Merged..


It's true that these combinations may never happen for real but anything is on the cards - look at Virgin Inc now - that started with a vinyl music record shop iirc ?

Now it owns an airline, runs half of the countriy's trains, they are a bank and a big internet access player and lord knows what else that I don't know about..



Overall cat population and number of cat's per head of population...


here's the 2 cats that live with us these days - that's Murphy on the left and Bessy on the right..

Never Lose Hope


Future Coder Right Here


"We live in pretty weird times, don't you think?

Oh daily life, you're so funny! Well, funny if you're a creator of wry comics like Anton Gudim. Boy, he sure gives the ol' mundane a run for its money! Poking fun at everything from #FollowMe to Instagram to loneliness and YouTube culture, Gudim is totally on top.

The world has never been more connected than it is today, yet so many people suffer from loneliness and acute depression. The rapid technological growth provides us with new gadgets to simplify our lives, but, in fact, just makes us more miserable and incapable.

That's why sometimes it's really healthy to take a step back and reevaluate our everyday existence and we think these illustrations can be more than helpful in such iteration process."


a more than likely everyday snapshot for some - somewhere..

"Normally, we come across stones and see them as nothing but gray, lifeless and dull objects. Sculptor Hirotoshi Ito sees it differently. He takes otherwise ordinary stones, and infuses them with personality and life using his experience with metalworking. Suddenly, the stones come to life with zippers with teeth, seashells or the clasps of a coin purse."


awesome :)

"This gambling hall wasn't taking any chances.

An employee of the Spielothek casino in Halberstadt, Germany, heard ticking and humming noises from a men's bathroom trash bin Tuesday and called police, the Local in Germany reported..."




"Situated near Lidzbark Warminski in Poland, this glowing blue bicycle path is illuminated by phosphor, a synthetic material that lights up after being charged by sunlight. That's right, it can emit light for 10-hours after it collects the energy that enables it to glow at night. While the luminophore particles in the bike lane material can emit a variety of colors, the designers chose blue since it seamlessly blended in with the surrounding landscape"



Daredevil kayaker Pedro Oliva tackles the falls - 9 photos of this..

This must have been such a buzz for him :)


yeeas man!!

"In some countries where it is illegal to broadcast or have pornography, hotels are exempt in order to accommodate the "needs" of their foreign clients."


Another Picdump For Your Enjoyment


"Awesome, cool and wtf images to keep you happy all a long day"


:) bet that cooled him down for a bit..

Biggest Hydro Plant in Russia


"Chirkei hydro power plant is situated on the Sulak river of Dagestan. It is the largest HPP in the North Caucasus, the highest arch dam of Russia. And probably it is also one of the most beautiful dams in the country.
Its construction began in 1964 and finished in 1978. The main structure of the HPP is the dam, of course, the beautiful arch 232,5 meters (763 ft) high and 338 meters (1109 ft) long. The width of the dam is from six (only six!) (19.7 ft) to thirty meters (98.4 ft)!"



"Russian mind has been haunted by the Moon in all times. Last century it was one of the most significant Soviet missions - to reach the natural satellite of the Earth and explore it. And the country succeeded."

But we never got to hear about all this in our mainstream news media, whether that was the old Soviet/West cold war official policies at the time or maybe the US government didn't want the NASA countries populations to know that the Soviet scientists were just as advanced as theirs...if we could just put politics aside for a minute and put all our thinking resources together we could maybe then concentrate on fixing the big problems that our advanced technology has been creating for our planet - together..?


ah well, so life goes on..

.just repeat posting this one as  this post on my blog 2 years ago has been one of the more popular ones in this blog's saved history :)

small change in featured pic tho - Chandra (only got #48 but is I think the hottest woman of the whole lot of these imho) but there were one or 2 others who came a very very close second indeed.. :)


Rest In Peace


With our deepest love, admiration and respect.


Can You Spot The Hidden Danger? (6 Photos)


"There is a deadly animal hiding in this photograph of sand. Believe it or not! You will shock after seeing this."

Note to self: Must be aware of walking around in the desert from now on...


Different Camera Angles?


Well I think yes angles do make a difference, but maybe a bit of make-up and / or photoshop can also make a big difference lol



"..The reef has shocked and amazed its discoverers with its immensity. Robin Beaman, a research fellow at James Cook University, explains, "We've known about these geological structures in the northern Great Barrier Reef since the 1970s and 80s, but never before has the true nature of their shape, size and vast scale been revealed." Beaman and the rest of the team were able to reveal the watery wonder using high-resolution seafloor data from a LiDAR-equipped aircraft belonging to the Royal Australian Navy..."


Infamous Funny Picture Dump


LOL -  Many of these even I've not seen before (I don't think)  - there's at least one for everyone's different senses of humour :)


21 Newspaper Headline Fails


Those editors need sacking for some of these like .. not the one featured below tho.


18 Examples of Expectation Versus Reality


Yeah. I understand what this guy is getting at, however if it wasn't for the optimistic side of all of us (however small that might be) then nobody would ever bother doing anything anyway eh..



"Want to do something crazy with your hair, but don't want to get the weird looks on the street? Then Not Another Salon has a rather secretive solution for you.

The hairdressing salon posted a picture of a rainbow hairstyle on Instagram with the caption "Hidden rainbows are all the London rage right now. By Carla [Rinaldi]," which turned viral with over 12,000 likes so far.

The idea is that the hair looks completely normal and ordinary until you lift it and uncover a rainbow hidden within. Take a look."

This article was posted a month ago so it may well now not be the new trend in London, but if it isn't they're gonna have a hard time thinking up something better than this..



"4th annual Vilnius Street Art festival is hitting the capital of Lithuania, and with it comes an awesome variety of artworks by street artists from around the globe. One, in particular, has caught our attention, which utilizes the city's famous public transport - the trolleybuses.

Liudas Parulskis was invited to leave a mark in his hometown and collaborating with the festival organizers and Studio Vieta he came up with an idea to make the trolleybuses disappear into the cityscape of Vilnius.

A Vanishing Trolleybus project aims to break the normality and surprise the audience by offering an unexpected point of view to the reality. It just disappears by camouflaging itself into the landscape."



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