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Short Term Memory Checker


Those with a photographic memory will probably beast this test - I only managed as far as level 4, but then my brain cell count has been steadily decreasing for years.. :-p


Goodbye, Warden


534 Death Row inmates have been executed in Texas since 1982.These are their last words..


"Students in America would probably have an easier time naming 50 sex positions than naming the country's 50 states. If you happen to suffer from this problem, the people at Durex have a solution for you, as they have given each of the country's fifty states their very own sex position."


For some reason the glass of coffee below is more satisfying to me than the one with the insanely neat and tidy rack cabling -  but surely this really shouldn't be the case :-0


Celebrities With False Teeth


Bullshit Research


In-depth academic study of bullshit.


The Odds Are..


'Struck by lightning' is the one that is most often used but "odds of fatally slipping in bath or shower: 2,232 to 1" has got me worried cos I'm a bit of a clumsy oaf at times.


The Average Face


"Click on the images to select or unselect images you want to average together and click on the "View Average" button to see the average of the images with red borders."


Humble Brags On Twitter


Everyday Life Hacks



"Use a dry strand of spaghetti to light candles that are hard to reach."

USB Driveby Hack - Samy Kamkar

I've featured this one here as it was the one of most interesting for me but this guy hacks everything from cars, big padlocks and even doorbells (?) Check out his YouTube channel

Also his own website

Detroit Agate


"They're actually layers of car paint. Yes, really. They're called Fordite, or Detroit Agate, and they're created from many layers of car paint drippings that have undergone the process of baking many times over."


"Google knows the questions that people wouldn't dare ask aloud, and it silently offers reams of answers. But it is a mistake to think of a search engine as an oracle for anonymous queries. It isn't. Not even close...."read on



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