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Greatest GIF of All Time! (well arguably..)


Classic portrait art works combined in one animation. I do like my GIFs like..


Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is an American computer programmer, Internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the chairman, chief executive, and co-founder of the social networking website Facebook His personal wealth, as of December 2015, is estimated to be $46 billion.

Link takes you to a video clip of an interview done with Mark talking about Facebook and his plans and goals for the website back when it was just 100K users.


Naked Levitating Ladies


If you like ladies, and you're interested in levitation, then this is probably for you..


Subserviant Stickman


I'm fairly sure I've featured this one before but in case you missed it the first time round - here it is again..!! :-))  see if he'll do everything you ask him to..


You Are Not a Photographer


Quoting the site's authors:

"To many of you, the reason we started this site is painfully obvious. You're a professional photographer that's noticed 100 other "pros" pop up over night, or you're not a photographer but noticed that all of the sudden 9 out of 10 of your Facebook friends have a professional photography site.

Cheaper cameras and accessibility to clients created a boom of bad photography, something we here call "fauxtography." Buy a $600 Canon Rebel, start a Facebook fan page and boom, you think you're a photographer.

Two of us started the site after looking through the Facebook albums of one of these fauxtogs obsessively for a few days. We couldn't get enough. And then more of our Facebook friends started photography pages and their photography was even worse. We were hooked. We passed links back and forth over email for a few weeks before realizing that other people needed to see this stuff. We created a little Tumblr blog, which has since moved here. Threw up some ugly graphics and barely spent any attention on design, but within weeks the site was going bananas. Apparently we struck a cord with a lot of people."


Oh No! An English Donald Trump!

Thank god he's from across the pond but if he was a typical Tory MP - I assume he would be that if he were British - then this is what he would sound like ..

by the way did you not notice in yesterday's post the link to naked Tashya pictures? Don't waste time on Trump, go and investigate Tasha (Denise) some more vv article below vv

Tasha Yar - The Playboy Shoot


Denise Crosby in circa 1979?


What Makes It Great For Everyone?


It's such a good idea that there is nowhere that has this system?


click image to see it properly

Inspirational Restroom Graffiti


Always good to have reading material when you're in there..


Wanna Be An Astronaut?


NASA are hiring now. But..if you're not a US citizen then forget it..:-(


Ancient Origins


Unlocking our past, bit by bit, story by story..


Medieval wild man relic has roots in ancient history

Toenail Necklace


I'd still rather have a shark's tooth one..


(click image to enlarge)

UFO Stalker


Sightings, reports, pictures, videos in "real" time as they get reported all on Google maps.

If the map at the top link takes too long to load hit the beta stalker instead..


Entrances to Underground Bases Found on Mars


Images from Google Earth uploaded to YouTube earlier this month. Who did this? And why the hell are NASA trying to cover these images up?

Single life looks to have moved with the times since I was last single...


Uncanny. Although I've never heard of a lot of these before.


Keira Knightly & Natalie Portman

Acclaimed Thinkers With Ridiculous Beliefs


So there have been a few of these over the years but check out John Harvey Kellogg's ideas - yes, the man who invented breakfast cereal! Scary stuff.


Mr. Kellogg

Ghosts Captured On Camera


Some classic photos, many of them have been around since before computers were invented, never mind Photoshop..


This photo was reportedly taken by a widow who lost her husband to a heart attack years before.

Don't worry - they're not actually naked under the black rectangles but it sure does make you think they are..

Eerie Aircraft Graveyards


These must be very creepy places to hang out in - in fact one of these places would be perfect for a 007 scene or something..



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