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Find out what Google knows about you, or at least, your entire search history. Once you've done that you will probably want to turn your search history off


Spotify - Top 10 Sex Songs


"Spotify users hoping music could set the mood created nearly 2.5 million "sex" playlists over Valentine's Day weekend. Men were more likely to create "sex playlists, with males making 56 percent of them and females making 44 percent of them."

You can make a playlist of these pr just check out the songs themselves of you've got Spotify.


The xx got number 1 place..



If you're from my generation (born late 60's / early 70's) then you'll already know and love this game. If you're not you've probably still come across it at some point. This was the GTA5 of it's day, if not bigger than that even..


"Statues take on a whole new meaning when creative passersby insert themselves into the scene..."


What Do You Love?


As far as I know this is one of Google's wee projects but I hadn't heard of it before now. Give it a try - it's an awesome resource finder on whatever you are looking for.

Once you see how it works check out this


Size of a Comet As Compared To New York City

You wouldn't want one of these landing in your back garden..

nyc comet.jpg

Cruelty-Free Knitted Dissections


I wouldn't say that I would like to cuddle up to these knitted animals displaying their innards for all to see, but could be one for the collector of unusual teddys :-)


yes, there's even an alien dissection..

You'd be lucky if this works at any airport in the world now - this is an old old exploit but then again this article was posted back in 2008!

The reason I am flagging this up here is actually the comments and discussion that this article generated. Some very interesting viewpoints articulately made by the commenters there.


Simple Tricks All Homeowners Need To Know


Worth a look cos there's always gonna be stuff that you haven't seen before in amongst these very practical solutions for everyday problems of various kinds.


Candy Anatomy


Seeing pictures of my favourite sweeties made up as internal organs doesn't exactly make me want to go out and buy some sweeties but I don't think that was the aim of the creator of these masterpieces of food art..


More SciencePorn


From the famous Twitter feed this is a video of what happens w3hen you prick your mobile phone battery with a sharp point. I'd already seen Bear Grylls do it on telly but the one at link above is more spectacular.


Can You Pass the Psychopath Test?


At the end of the test It said I was "NOT a psychopath". Well that's brightened up my day..:-)



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