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Groupie Dirt


Gossip about various rock stars..


Gene Simmons

No Two Snowflakes Are Alike


Nature is awesome!


If you liked those then check out these microscopic images of snowflakes...

What Sells On the Black Market


Bit of an eye-opener, this one..


a human kidney will go for $282,000..

Everyday Products You've Been Using Wrong


There are clever little features in many products that are either too clever or beyond the notice of the average person. However, now you know...anything is possible!


Death Clock Calculator


Calculate your life expectancy today..


Top Secret Recipes


If you want to recreate KFC coleslaw or a McDonald's Big Mac then check out this site. More here.


Pictures That Will Mess With Your Mind


29 pictures taken from exactly the right angle..


this is not a picture of the world's tiniest human

Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today


Interview: Robert Oswald


"He is the older brother of Lee Harvey Oswald, and a former Marine and salesman. Convinced that his brother was solely responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Oswald offers details in this interview about Lee's formative years and young adult life, and describes how his brother's love of television shows..."


The Eyeballing Game


Get your hand in at working out all the angles..


The Billion Dollar-O-Gram


Chart shows how many billion dollars are spent / owed globally for various things..


Millions of Lines of Code


Despite all the software that's been written over the years, big and small, we still haven't managed to outcode the human genome yet.


Spectacular Time Lapse


13,000 miles and 10,000 photos later this video was born..

(Sorry could not embed it into this post due to technical problems \0/)


drink your coffee from a cup made of biscuit

The United States of Movies


Map assigns a flick to every state..



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