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Little animations of man and woman having sex.

Life Advice From Machines


Instructions for gadgets overlaid on real world scenarios..


The RX


Interesting and sometimes bizarre images of things and phenomena which is not normally captured on film.


Electrified hand resting on a photographic plate (1896)

Word Spy


The word lover's guide to new words..


Mark Jenkins - Outside


One of my favourite bizarros this..

Photos taken around the world designed for the double-take.


A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars


"For the first time, a massive data set of 10,000 porn stars has been extracted from the world's largest database of adult films and performers. I've spent the last six months analyzing it to discover the truth about what the average performer looks like, what they do on film, and how their role has evolved over the last forty years."


Before It's News


Very popular site with LOTS to read about..


Sex Addicts Anonymous


Charts About Dating


These graphs and charts about dating and romance are probably quite realistic in many cases..


Kate Upton In Swimsuit (Or Not)


On the Sports Illustrated site..


Back Rub Techniques


"It is likely that the first intimate contact you have with a lover will be through a back massage. This is a popular area because a back massage is quite pleasurable yet somewhat informal."

Watch the video lessons on how to do it well..


What Should I Read Next?


Site will analyze stuff that you like and spit out suggestions as to what you might want to read next..

Virtual Helicopter Ride


Take a trip around the bleak landscape of Kamshatka in Siberia..(Interactive so you can pan around the whole scene)

Capture helicopter.PNG

My First Dictionary


Probably not what you were expecting when you saw the title of this - a kid's dictionary written for adults..


Dubai Map


The Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Panorama. Panoramic view of Dubai and its environs..


People You Won't Believe Actually Exist


"These people are actually out there somewhere in this world."


Woman attempting an escalator in her wheelchair!

Cool & Creative Taps


"Most faucets are boring, plain and simple, designed more for function than form, but these ten examples are anything but"


Vintage Phallic Adverts


"Sometimes, a cigar was just a cigar. And sometimes, it wasn't."


YouTube Picks - Epic Bus Commercial

Talk about exaggeration - this advert actually makes bus travel look exceptionally cool - but all done with a lot of tongue in cheek so it works!

Sugar Mixed With Sulphuric Acid


News Caption Fails


There's some real corkers in amongst these..


"Blackboards, the legend goes, were invented by a teacher. In the mid-19th century, James Pillans was headmaster of the Royal High School in Edinburgh, Scotland. Teaching geography, he found himself in need of a device that would allow him to share visual information with all his students, simultaneously -- a more theatrical and efficient version of the slates students used to write their lessons at their desks. Pillans had chalk; he had tablets. Then he had an idea."


YouTube Picks - 70 Years in 70 Seconds


How Fast Can You Read?


Test your speed reading skills! I managed 454 words per minute, which apparently is 82% faster than the national average..but then I do read a lot..


50 Life Hacks To Simplify Your World


"Life hacks are little ways to make our lives easier. These low-budget tips and trick can help you organize and de-clutter space; prolong and preserve your products; or teach you something (e.g., tie a full Windsor) that you simply did not know before"



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