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Homoerotic WW II Towel Adverts


"Hard bodies + soft towels. Slightly naughty. The series, titled "true towel tales," was based on real GI feedback."


The Oops List


Pictures of memorable fails..


Jeopardy! Practice Test


See if you would be any good at the real thing..


Bad Taxidermy


I really don't know what to say about these..


A Google a Day


Looks like this is a game that tests your powers of using Google to find answers to trivia if you're used to cheating on general knowledge quizzes then this is for you..



Click the mouth,nose, head and each eye to create a different monoface. And keep clicking. There are 759,375 possible faces..


Fame Daddy


"The world's first celebrity sperm donor service!"


88 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning


Reviewed and explained..


Melon Carvings


Intricate carvings out of watermelons..


All listed on above page :-)


Famous Celebrity Fingerprint Portraits


"The portraits basically use fingertips as the canvas for facial details of many different famous figures including Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, A-Team member Mr. T, Disney star Mickey Mouse, McDonad's mascot Ronald McDonald, and a whole lot more."


YouTube Picks - Amazing Hand Shadows


YouTube Picks - Michael Phelps - Longest Putt

Phelps sinks a 153 foot putt..

Taste Kid


Site recommends music, movies, shows, books, authors and games based on what you already like..


Terrible Puns


35 terrible puns to brighten your day..


Water Is Life


Help provide clean water to those in need..volunteer to help or make a donation - we in the West take our water supply on tap for granted - there are those in some developing countries that have to walk for miles just to get a drink..

To put our lives in perspective look at First World problems -- Third World Success


Digital Water Pavilion


The 'Digital Water Pavilion', an interactive structure made of digitally-controlled water curtains, will be built at the entrance of the 2008 Expo in Zaragoza. It features a tourist information centre, a cafeteria and an exhibition on the 'digital-mile' project - serving as a showcase for the Zaragoza of the future...


G-Spirits Adverts


Naked women sells whiskey.. Well its pretty much guaranteed to work on roughly 50% of the population anyway..


As seen on the awesome The Chive website..


Spielberg and stuntman Pat Roach (also a professional wrestler) choreographing the big boxing scene

Last Words


Continuing the slightly spiritual theme, this site lists the last words of people who actually lived or were believed to have lived. What did they all say just before they moved on?


Is God Imaginary?


"It is easy to prove to yourself that God is imaginary. The evidence is all around you. Here are 50 simple proofs"

Myself, I'm remaining strictly on the fence on this question - many scientists would argue the negative case but then again there's so so many questions that our scientists can not yet answer and so much more to discover so..


Where Do Our Letters Come From?


What characters in the alphabet originally represented. By Jason Novak, the Egyptians, the Sumerians and the Phoenicians!


Hidden Adult Jokes in Cartoon Shows


"Enjoy this naughty, nasty, and otherwise adult imagery that somehow made it into numerous cartoon shows long thought safe for children..."



"When Hell is full, the dead will walk the Earth."

"The soft white underbelly of the net, eviscerated for all to see: Rotten dot com collects images and information from many sources to present the viewer with a truly unpleasant experience."




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