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Forget About 2012


Images from 2012 that are best forgotten..


Human Popeye
"A "Must See"! Totally awesome looking 250.000.000 particles animated Mandelbulb Render with Arnold 4.0 by the talented 3D Visualization Artist, 3D Software Developer Juanjo González!"

"There's something incredibly fascinating about viewing the world through upside down reflections, taken through puddles on the street. it's like we're seeing the world with a new set of eyes, a perspective most of us are not really used to."


"Patently Apple reports that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted Apple a registered trademark for the sound that its Mac computers make after booting up.

The original chiming sound was created by Apple programmer Jim Reekes, who designed many of the system sounds for the Mac OS, including that iconic startup chime roughly 20 years ago. Apple has used several different variations on the chime over the years, including a shift in pitch to the current tone Apple notes as having been in use since early 1999."


Jeopardy Archive


"The fan-created archive of Jeopardy! games and players--236,990 clues and counting!"

"I find myself learning something from the J! Archive almost every day. I can't imagine being without it." - Michael Falk, Season 22 3-time champion and ToC winner"


"German photographer Michael Wesely has spent decades working on techniques for extremely long camera exposures -- usually between two to three years. In the mid-1990s, he began using the technique to document urban development over time, capturing years of building projects in single frames."

The Museum of Modern Art, New York


What Have You Downloaded To Your Mac?


Fire up the terminal utility on your Mac OSX box and find out your entire download history and where on your Mac it was downloaded to.


Wikipedia - Randomized


There are around 23 million Wikipedia pages now. This link will take you to a different random article every time you click it..


"The human mind is one of nature's greatest achievements because of its infinite potential. Its potential is so astonishing that if you learn how to unlock its full potential, anything is possible."


Brainy Quote


Famous quotes - browse by topic or author and there are some picture quotes as well..


Twitter Top 100 Most Followed


At time of writing Justin Bieber is the #1 most followed entity on Twitter with over 36 million followers..


The Paris Time Capsule Apartment


"A Parisian apartment left untouched for over 70 years was discovered in the quartier of Pigalle a few summers ago and I've been meaning to share the pictures with you. Time to unlock the vault ..."


"Prepare to have your mind blown. We tip our hats to those who see things differently."


Mt. Roraima, Venezuela

"Macs are fans of Middle Earth as well. Hidden within OS X's Unix architecture is a FreeBSD calendar easter egg that chronicles the Lord of the Rings saga.

You can view the full tally of fantastical event dates by heading to your Mac's Terminal utility and typing the following:

cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.lotr

Once you hit enter, your computer will spit out a nicely detailed list of major dates associated with Lord of the Rings events. If you're not currently near your Apple desktop or MacBook, we've pasted the full calendar of events below for you to enjoy."

I've never been able to get into LOTR myself but do like the Earthsea books that Ursula LeGuin wrote..


"Life wasn't always full of glitz and glamor for some of Hollywood's biggest stars. Most did far less lucrative jobs before they became famous, like serve donuts, mop floors, and work at gas stations -- for starters. Check out how celebs paid their bills before they got celeb salaries.."

Life is just like one big continuous lottery..

Daft Spoof Small Ads


"Normally these little cards advertise everything from second-hand cars to baby-sitters, cleaners, kittens and rabbits.

But the ones created by 46-year-old Preston Likely were designed for a laugh and to see whether anyone would reply in similar humorous vein.

After two years and 70 small ads, placed in shop windows throughout England, he has just published a book containing his best spoofs."


Pictures From Syria


WARNING - some of these are not for the faint hearted - this is serious stuff..


As seen on the official website of the US Social Security Administration. Worth knowing about if you're living on the breadline in the US..

"The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, helps low-income people buy food. Although it is a federal government program, it is run by state or local agencies."


How To Become a Spaceman

A job advertisement for an astronaut with NASA..


As seen on The Post Game an American sports site: "We often wonder how good the United States would be at soccer if our best athletes played the sport. Could anyone score with LeBron James in the goal? Would any defenders be able to contain Robert Griffin III in the box?

Well, here's a question for you: How good would Europeans be at American football if their best athletes didn't play soccer? It's hard to say, but we do know this much: they'd produce some pretty darn good kickers. If you needed evidence, check out this trick shot video."

Well we do have rugby over here - maybe that has something to do with it..

Pop Safari


"What is it? PopSafari is an ever-expanding universe of photo communities based around whatever themes, hobbies and ideas you dream up. It could be a safari all about cats or cakes or cabins. There's no limit to how many safaris you can explore and/or create."


National Day of Unplugging


"Do you have multiple cell phones? Take your ipad to the beach on vacation? Ever find it hard to get through a conversation without posting an update to Facebook? Is your computer always on?

We increasingly miss out on the important moments of our lives as we pass the hours with our noses buried in our iPhones and BlackBerry's, chronicling our every move through Facebook and Twitter and shielding ourselves from the outside world with the bubble of "silence" that our earphones create.

If you recognize that in yourself - or your friends, families or colleagues-- join us for the National Day of Unplugging, sign the Unplug pledge and start living a different life: connect with the people in your street, neighborhood and city, have an uninterrupted meal or read a book to your child."...


Human Eye Close-Ups


"They're super-closeups of the human eye, revealing the beautiful complexity of our iris. But what are we actually seeing? What makes our eye look like a desert landscape?"



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