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Spiral Cut Hot Dogs


Learn how to make them yourself...


2012 Sports Illustrated Calendar


One fit woman for every month...


Blob-Drawing Page


You get a blank page to start with - move your mouse about to draw and click mouse button to change colour. Not the most sophisticated drawing tool out there but good for a couple of minutes of doodling...


this is what I managed..

WTF is Happening in China?


Weird structures observed in China via Google Maps. What are they doing there or is it just a glitch in Google Maps?


More Cool Money Faces


Curiosities: Between the Seconds


Otherwise knows as 'photos taken at exactly the right time' with a very high-speed camera..


Sex Sells


Sex is undoubtedly one of the biggest guns in an advertiser's armoury. This page brings together some of the most blatant examples of naked women being used to sell stuff..


YouTube Picks #157 - 365 Days of Exercise


Fast Trains


Many countries now have the mega-fast trains - I believe some 'float' along the rails using magnetism

Sadly, the USA and the UK are lagging a little behind in this respect...


Some places have a lot of people - China and India, for example - and some have only a few - Mongolia. This page exhibits some good photography which illustrates this concept beautifully..


The Skerries in the Shetland Isles - funnily enough I've actually been to the Skerries as I used to live on a fairly nearby island...cold and bleak but the Shetlands have the best people

Paradoxes in Physics


"Every insane mystifying paradox in physics - a complete list"


Black Hole Information paradox

Online Reputation Manager


Site teaches you how to repair your online rep, create your presence and hide your personal info..

Ranker - The Top 10 Lists


- Best TV Theme Songs of All Time
- Worst Albums by Great Bands
- Worst Ways to Die
- Best Beers from Around the World

Everything ranked on this site, but if you find anything missing you can upload your own list.

best site on the interweb? maybe not..

Stare at Kate Upton


News Stories That Fooled Mainstream Media


"With the advent of the Internet, the situation has changed so that instead of powerful media moguls spreading bullshit, pretty much anybody can do it. After all, if the story is good enough, the mainstream media will report it, no matter how transparently retarded it is."


#4 - "Study finds that President George W Bush has lowest IQ among presidents of last 50 years" (actually this may well be true)...

Creative and Funny Toilet Signs


Different cultures around the world have a different take on our natural bodily functions and of course our senses of humour vary as well..


Guys Staring at Boobs


Can't really blame these blokes - after all, boobs are awesome...


Best Before


Nice little story with some vomit-inducing pics..

best before 7.jpg

cucumber spread? I wouldn't eat this even if it was fresh..

The Sistine Chapel


Panoramic 360 degree view of the inside of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican with suitable holy music in the background...


...then this is what they would look like...


Is It Old?


"Before you make a complete fool of yourself when you send a link to your friends, colleagues or twitter followers, enter it here to make sure it's fresh enough."

Maybe I should start using this myself you say? Well all the stuff I post up here is old news by the time I get round to posting it - it's just in case you missed anything being the main focus of this site's reason to be..

YouTube Picks #155 - Quantum Levitation

Video courtesy of the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), representing the science center and museum field worldwide.

More Faces in Places


"A photographic collection of faces found in everyday places"



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