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Greatest SHORT Viral Videos of All Time


There's 63 of them at last count..

People of Walmart


Best to shop online to avoid some smart Alec taking an unflattering picture of you and posting it on this website for people to laugh at..

Be aware - multiple pages of these..


think someone may have underestimated the weather a little..

Man has Phone Built into Arm


"A one-armed man has taken hands free calling to a new level after becoming the first person in the world to have his phone built into his prosthetic limb."


World Population - What's Your Number?


"On October 31, the world's 7 billionth person will be born. Each of us is part of that population. With the world growing by more than 200,000 people a day, it's hard to know where you fit in. Until now."

I was number 3,687,401,200 apparently..


The Skeptic's Dictionary


"The Sceptic's Dictionary is a website and a book. Each features definitions, arguments, and essays on topics ranging from acupuncture to zombies, and provides a lively, common-sense trove of detailed information on things supernatural, paranormal, and pseudo-scientific."


Siri has a Sense of Humour


Siri is the virtual person on the new iPhone 4S that answers your questions in case you were wondering - I've still got my trusty 4 year old Nokia so haven't experienced Siri first hand unfortunately..

There's more of the same here and even more here...siri-iphone-app-logo.jpg

YouTube Picks #154 - 1000 Sticks Bomb


Incredible Spiral Illustrations


"Without even lifting his pen from the paper, Chan Hwee Chong creates stunningly impressive works of art. As part of an ad campaign for their Artist Pens, Faber Castell asked the Singapore-based artist to draw three famous paintings -- Mona Lisa, Girl With a Pearl Earring, and Self Portrait -- using his unique spiral style."

Celebrities Who Look Like Other Celebrities


"While some TV shows are devoted to finding a celebrity “twin” among usual people, there are some celebrities who have already found their “clones” among other famous people. Of course, it’s up to you to judge if these celebrities look alike and if their “clone” is good enough."


Chad Smith & Will Ferrell

Eyewitness - New Gueuroz Bridge, Switzerland


"A group of 25 extreme jacuzzi enthusiasts have a soak suspended 150 metres above the ground from the New Gueuroz bridge in Switzerland. The event took about 2,500 hours to plan and a further six hours to assemble – all for 2.5 hours in the tub."


Wolfram | Alpha


A computational knowledge engine.

"Wolfram|Alpha introduces a fundamentally new way to get knowledge and answers—not by searching the web, but by doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms, and methods."

I would start by clicking the 'Examples' link or the 'Random' button and from there work out what this thing can actually do - I'm telling you now this thing is fucking awesome!


Strange Dolls


Weird handmade dolls for sale..


Evolution of Apple Adverts


"Apple Computer Inc. was established on April 1st, 1976 and incorporated on January 3rd, 1977. Apple first started advertising its products in the late 1970s."


iPhone 4S Teardown


"Teardowns provide a look inside a device and should not be used as disassembly instructions."

See inside and how to get inside the new iPhone..


iPhone 4S - What Can You Say to Siri?


"Curious about the iPhone 4S's new voice assistant feature? So were we." "TUAW tracked down a set of example phrases that the new Siri voice assistant is capable of understanding. It turns out that Siri can handle many categories of voice interaction."


"Srsly, my dear, WTF?" (Gone with the Wind)
"Sry. I’m durnk." (A Streetcar Named Desire)
"One sec, BRB" (Terminator 2)


Best Quotes on Twitter


"Twitter is a great place to get inspirational quotes from famous people."

Favourite quotes listed on above page.


The Longevity Game


It's not much of a 'game' but basically you answer the questions to the best of your knowledge and you can see how each answer affects your life expectancy.

I'll be gone by the time I'm 67 according to this..


Celebrity Tippers


Some people leave a decent tip - some don't - but if you're a celeb then you're under scrutiny and this page will be here to haunt you...


remember Cigarette-Man from 'The X Files'? apparently he's a good tipper..

A Tearful Earful


"Millions share in deaf woman's joy at hearing for the first time."


Sarah Churman

YouTube Picks #152 - Pendulum Waves


Photoshop - Chop-a-Frog Contest


See the entries for the frog-themed photoshop competition..


Llama Font


Say it in llama...


More Little People..


Miniature people in various scenarios..


Classic Fail


I don't know if this really does work or not but I'll be giving it a go at the weekend to be sure..


Draw a Stickman


Draw your own stickman and then watch as it becomes animated by itself...


Sounds from NASA


Download in MP3 format for your PC or as ringtones for your mobile. Sounds are from historic space-flights and current missions..



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