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The Picture of Everything


Use the buttons to navigate around and zoom into the picture - it's a big one..


Levitating Naked Ladies


"If you're going to live in a house filled with clouds, balloons, and Spongebobs, you might as well live it up. Thank you, Chien-Wang Yang. Thank you."


Subservient Stickman


Type in your command and watch the stickman obey..


YouTube Picks #147 - Grinding the Crack

I wouldn't fancy doing this - this guy has some kind of death wish or something...

Behind the Scenes of Famous Movies


"Great movies always make us forget that it is actually a movie we are watching; the scenes dissolve us within them and we no longer keep in mind that the roles are being played by actors and the sights we see might actually be Hollywood sets. This amazing effect is achieved by all that goes on behind the camera, between the scenes. Check out a few snapshots of what went on behind the scenes of 23 brilliant movies."


on the set of Tron (1982)

Optical Illusion


Watch the illusion on the YouTube clip - page above attempts to dissect the workings of the illusion..

100 Best Closing Lines From Books


Don't judge a book by its cover - instead, try and wait for the last line.


I like my books, and I've read this one - have to say it was a good read but I never remembered the closing line..

Snail Mail my Email


"Snail Mail My Email is a month-long worldwide collaborative art project that ran from July 15 - August 15, 2011. The project allowed people to email a letter, which was then handwritten by volunteers — complete with customizable options like a doodle, flower petal or lipstick kiss if desired — and mailed to the recipient, completely free of charge."


Photos that Move!


"When creating this cinemagraph as soon as I saw the lady shaking her head from side to side I knew it had to be included, it just sums up the fact that this shouldn't be happening. The world is moving as usual, but all the people have frozen. It is wrong some how, but comical at the same time."


Pocket Chainsaw


This could be a handy little tool if you feel like murdering some trees one day..


YouTube Picks #146 - Copper Pipe Magnet


Caren Alpert Fine Art


"I've made a living over the last decade capturing mostly recognizable images of food. Now I want to show what is there, but what we never actually see: landscapes, patterns and textures that ignite a completely different response from the viewer."

table salt..

Condemned Prisoners' Last Meals


Small photo collection of actual last meals served. There's also some info on some of the more famous last requests..


this is probably getting close to what I would ask for

Murphy's Laws


"All the laws of Murphy in the one place." It's funny how many of these ring so true..


Kate Upton


Billed as the 50 hottest Kate Upton pictures of all time...


How Much is your Data Worth?


"This calculator allows you to determine what your data bits are worth on the open market so you can request proper compensation when it is asked from you. For instance, a typical cellular phone company will ask for your address, date of birth, phone number, Social Security number and driver's license to open a new account. Consult our data calculator and that will be $13.75 please!"


Your Colour Profile


Play a little colouring-in game and the colours that you chose against each object will be analyzed to spit out a personality profile for you.

I found that when I did this some of the things it said rang true for me..


YouTube Picks #145 - How to Deactivate a Cat


12 Cats Attempt Planking


"Some Australian news reports would have you believe that Planking is a brand new craze. As it turns out, the Lying Down Game (as it was previously known) has been around since at least 2006 and had spread across the globe by 2009."


Ironic Fails


More epic fails on the Fail Blog...


if you don't have an iPod then improvise..

Leisure Dives - Summer Posers


There's a new photography craze, as reported here by the Daily Mail newspaper,

"Following the craze of planking which swept the internet, a website has flourished after compiling hilarious pictures of divers striking a comedy pose in mid-air before they hit the water."


US Debt Visualized


Big numbers are just big numbers to us - this page attempts to show what that amount of money actually looks like in piles of $100 notes.


15 trillion dollars

The Human Spirograph


"Watching this unique artist work may at first look like an intricate upper body exercise or some kind of minimalist art exhibition.

But after a while it becomes clear that performer Tony Orrico has a very special talent.

The visual artist, dubbed 'The Human Spirograph', produces incredible geometric drawings using both arms drawing at the same time and speed"

Skin Rash Hall of Fame


Ever fallen into a patch of nettles? Some of these folks have, and worse..


He got this famous rash by digging a hole in the ground and scraping the earth up with his forearms - not realizing that the roots in the hole were poison ivy.
Staring contest - if you can keep your eyes on her eyes for the duration of this video then you're doing pretty well..

Biggest Mistakes in the Harry Potter Movies


You've got to be some kind of eagle-eye to spot stuff like this or maybe there are people out there with even less of a life than me!



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