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Google By The Numbers


"Just how massive is Google (in real terms) you ask? More specifically, how many pages are in its index?  That is the question this aesthetically pleasing infographic attempts to answer"

Interesting facts and figures about Google.


Visual Art By The Human Body


Images of human bodies superimposed so as to create the effect of plantlife.


Funny Airline Safety Rules


Humorous take on the pictures included on the laminated safety cards that you find on aeroplanes.

Use the safety navigator on the right-hand side to scroll through them.


Defaced Dollar Bills


25 examples of people defacing American currency.


anyone for Call of Duty?

Totally Looks Like


Who looks like who?


Bat Boy looks like Phil Stacey from American Idol

IQ Comparison Site


Modern IQ ranges for various occupations.


Phrase Finder


Etymology of common phrases in the English language. Seeing as I used to teach English for a living I find reading about the origins of these sayings quite fascinating..




Watch as the world's population nears 7 billion.

A variety of real time statistics on your computer screen.


Moby Dick Images


One drawing for every page of the novel 'Moby Dick'.


YouTube Picks #108 - Subliminal Messages


Tilt-Shift Van Gogh


"The visually stunning field of tilt-shift photography became a fairly big thing in the Web a couple of years ago. It uses a special lens that gives a real-world scene the illusion of being a miniature model."


Pencil Tip Sculptures


"Dalton Ghetti creates unique art by carving miniature sculptures into pencil lead without the aid of a magnifying glass.

To make his wonderful creations, the artist uses three basic tools - a razor blade, sharp knife, and a sewing needle."


Mixed Up Wildlife


I've said it before and I'll say it again - Photoshop is awesome!


Anagram Site


An anagram is a word or phrase formed by reordering the letters of another word or phrase.

This site is an anagram generator..


Mad Magazine Fold-Ins


Al Jaffee's fold-ins for Mad magazine, from the 1960s to the present, in interactive form.


25 Most Bizarre Dating Websites


Apologies for the lack of postings in the last couple of days - I've been on night-shift all week and damn, those bedroom curtains just let far too much light, if I get to sleep now I'll get have 5 hours sleep...and... if it's now I'll get 4 hours sleep etc. etc.


World of Warcraft dating site...

YouTube Picks #107 - The Money Tree




Index of humorous Shockwave Flash files - there's plenty to keep you going here...



The term used for a Google search that makes you ask "Who googled that?"


Chicken Wire Sculptures


Chicken wire seems like an odd material to work with but it actually produces a quite nice effect..


John Lennon

NFL Cheerleaders


I wonder whether the cheerleaders actually make any real difference to match scores at all? Having said that I think they should start having them in the British soccer leagues.


San Francisco 49ers??

Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity in words of 4 letters or less..


Beach 'n Billboard


"Beach 'N Billboard has an ever-growing roster of nationally selected, high-traffic beaches that are maintained daily by municipal beach cleaning machines. These machines have been fitted with our odometer-equipped, patented Beach 'N Billboard impression devices, which impress approximately 5,000 of your 12' x 4' ads in the sand each day."



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