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The American Economy In Pictures


Figures taken from a presentation made on May 24th. Did you know that one in eight Americans are on food stamps? Or that the US National Debt stands at over $13,000,000,000 (Trillion)?

More facts and figures on above page...


Why You Should Play With Your Food


"I'm sure we have all been told not to play with our food. However the creators of the Bento box meals by various different artists seem to disagree."


Behind The Name


The etymology and history of first names.

Gender: Masculine
Pronounced: >LEE-am Irish short form of WILLIAM

Gender: Masculine
From the Germanic name Willahelm, which was composed of the elements wil "will, desire" and helm "helmet, protection". Saint William of Gellone was an 8th-century cousin of Charlemagne who became a monk. The name was common among the Normans, and it became extremely popular in England after William the Conqueror was recognized as the first Norman king of England. It was later borne by three other English kings, as well as rulers of Scotland, Sicily (of Norman origin), the Netherlands and Prussia. Other famous bearers include William Wallace, a 13th-century Scottish hero, and William Tell, a legendary 14th-century Swiss hero. In the literary world it was borne by dramatist William Shakespeare (1564-1616), poet William Blake (1757-1827), poet William Wordsworth (1770-1850), dramatist William Butler Yeats (1865-1939), author William Faulkner (1897-1962), and author William S. Burroughs (1914-1997).

Donne De Sabbia


That's sand sculptures of women to you and me.


YouTube Picks #91 - Go For Launch!

Space Shuttle - the time lapse movie...

Celebrities Then And Now


Pictures comparing various celebs when they were still kids wioth the present day. I recognize a few of these but not sure who the heck the rest of them are!


it's the guy from Different Strokes!

Lost - The Casting Tapes


14 audition tapes from the various cast of the hit TV programme 'Lost'.

(I've never actually seen this show myself so do not know what all the fuss is about...)



"16-year-old Jessica Watson is the youngest sailor who voyaged around the globe without any assistance.Jessica Watson’s journey on her pink boat lasted 210 days, during this time she traveled 23000 nautical miles."

This page contains pictures of her voyage.


Forced Perspective Photography


35 examples of photos taken at the exact right angles as to give a 'forced perspective'. Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is.

It is basically a trick of human visual perception.


Death Masks Of Famous People


"Death Masks are easily the most haunting mementos of the deceased. They have been in existence since the time of Tutankhamun, whose solid gold burial mask is an object of extreme beauty and superstition. Here, we present twenty casts that have preserved some of the most famous faces to have graced this planet."


Alfred Hitchcock
"With U3-X Honda rethinks the concept of personal mobility, providing the rider with freedom of movement in any direction forward, backward, sideways and diagonally by simply leaning slightly in the desired direction. The lightweight and compact one-wheeled device also features a foldable seat and retractable footrests. A lithium-ion battery pack provides power for up to one-hour of use and can be recharged by plugging in to a conventional household or office 120-volt power outlet."

Animal Acts


Slightly amusing photos of various creatures striking various poses...


There, I Fixed It


The page for 'epic kludges' and 'jury rigs'. Ever had to improvise a solution to a household problem? All of us probably have at some stage. Now you can submit your efforts to a website for everybody to have a good laugh at or maybe admire.


"now the vuvuzela can play forever" - aargh!

The Google Earth Alphabet


"The Google Earth alphabet was captured by Thomas de Bruin, who took the time to look through thousands of satellite images of the Netherlands. Each photo resembles a letter, symbol, and number."


Rate My Finger


In a similar vein to the 'Hot or Not' site - this one asks its viewers to rate the quality of pictures of people giving the camera the finger.

There's also a Top 20 of finger pulling pics (NSFW).


Stuff My Kids Ruined


"The strongest visual birth control on the market today!"

I couldn't have put it any better than that.

locked_ipod.jpg"I asked my son to bring me the Ipod… in the time it took him to walk across the room, he disabled my Ipod for 39 YEARS.. ill be 79 before it unlocks. "

<Note>See this for how to fix this issue if you have this problem</Note>


40 photos of scenes revolving around the tragic crisis.


Skulls From Peru


See pictures of some mighty strange skulls allegedly unearthed in Peru. Surely not real?


YouTube Picks #89 - iPad Magic


Rock Paper Scissors


Rock paper scissors for the space age...



Use the arrow buttons to cycle through the various sets...


Disneyland - It's So Clean


Article surrounds the night-shift at Disneyland and all the work that they do.

"A crew of 600 custodians, painters, gardeners and decorators works 365 nights a year to ensure that the 85-acre park meets Walt Disney’s squeaky-clean ideals."


Bathroom Graffiti


'Wise' words from those who spend a lot of time in the bathroom thinking.


Oprah Winfrey Hairstyles


The mega-famous American chat show host has had a lot of different hairstyles - here they all are...


Alien Vs Pooh


Illustrated story of the time that Winnie the Pooh met Alien...


YouTube Picks #88 - Lego Printer

""Lego felt tip 110" printer connected to an Apple Mac. This is not mindstorms, I designed/built/coded it all from scratch including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver, the USB interface uses a "wiring" board."

Thanks to Nick for this

Pencil Versus Camera


Creative photography by Ben Heine. Nice effect...



"The 2008 crash is probably the most serious economic crisis we have faced after the Great Depression. Stock markets from around the world fell as much as 20% in a single week, dozens of banks either failed or were rescued by government and private institutions, and companies started laying off employees as a consequence of the reduced demand.

We know how we entered into the crisis, but we don’t how, when, or how we will be getting out of it. Considering that issue, we decided to our little bit to help cheer everyone up by redoing the logos of some renowned companies …. after the crisis."


World Through A Microscope (Part 2)


More like yesterday's..


the surface of a human tongue

World Through A Microscope


Nice close-ups of various stuff through the lens of a microscope.


the surface of a DVD disk


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