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Health Figures


Image showing interesting facts and figures about human life.


Camel Antibodies


Due to the heat resistant quality of camel blood researchers have been testing creating snake bite antibodies in it. Normal snake bite antidote is severely affected by heat and this is unfortunate considering that most venomous snakes live in the hotter countries of the world.

YouTube Picks #87 - Really Big Mouth


Creative Job Ads


Some good, some crap - worth checking out anyway.


Pale Blue Dot


This year is the 20th anniversary of this famous photo depicting Earth taken from the very edge of our solar system 3,762,136,324 miles away.

Read the quote by Carl Sagan on said photo which tries to put our troubles into perspective.


Computer Enhancers


If only computers would do all this...


this one would explain most of the troubles I personally have with my PCs...

Celebrities - Unsuccessful Photos


"Celebrities don’t always look perfect in photos. Sometimes they turn out funny, hilarious, bad looking, sad, confused, etc."

Bad photos of celebs


Learn Something Every Day


New random fact every day with the option to order T-shirts with the fact printed on them.


this is today's..

Bendy Straw Shrimp


Step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to make one yourself.


Noah's Ark Found?


A group of Turkish and Chinese explorers believe they have found the remains of the Ark. Permission has been sought to conduct a proper archaeological survey. More details at link above.


Mount Ararat, Turkey

No Makeup


High class models without their makeup on.


1000 Awesome Things


Page lists the top 1000 of the best things in life. At present they are only about half way through listing them - number 503 to be precise - with one new one added every day.


#995 - finding money you didn't know you had lost...

YouTube Picks #85 - Super Sexy CPR


Animated Rhythm


Taste Spotting


Random recipes for people with a sweet tooth. Make your own Nutella or banana bread!


Esquire Survey Of American Women


Page displays all the results...


I'll definitely bookmark this one so that I can start stockpiling - after all, you never know and it wouldn't do to run out of lighter fluid or thermal underwear - I'm not joking!


generators are #1 top item to disappear first

Google Products


Interesting to see the diversification of the Google brand name. This article has examples of both official and unofficial products branded with the Google name.


Google milk!

It's the famous photo of the guy who appears to be wearing contemporary garb in a photo taken in the 1940's.

This article examines the photo and goes quite far in explaining it.


"Some people are the center of attention wherever they go. They’re not glamorous movie stars, just ordinary people with excellent command over their body language. Here are some pointers to help you emulate these confident people and command respect from those around you."


News Caption Fails


Caption goofs on TV news programmes.


The iPod Versus The Cassette


When I first started to get into music the tape cassette was the 'new' popular media for albums - after all you can't put a vinyl disc into a Sony Walkman!

Nowadays of course the MP3 player is king - this page compares the iPod and the humble cassette.


25 Unfortunate Newspaper Headlines


I can't help thinking that at least some of these were absolutely intentional although I wish that the actual newspapers had been listed against the photos of the articles.


We Follow


Who's following who? Get all the Twitter stats on this page.


This Is Not A Spiral


Yeah - look a little more closely cos it actually isn't...


Kanamara Matsuri


Translated as "The Festival of the Steel Phallus" - it's an annual Shinto festival held in Kawasaki, Japan.

Read all about it on the Wiki page above.


As per title.


Jesus Sightings


People always seem to be finding what looks like images of Jesus Christ in various places. These pages highlight some of the more well-known ones with pics and video clips and accompanying blurb.


this one is of a meteorite that landed in Russia circa 1918


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