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Funny Freeze Frames


"Pressing 'pause' on your TV has its humorous benefits."


Very Demotivational


In a similar vein to last night's post - photographs with captions, but this site is a bit more tongue-in-cheek.




See those big nouns in the form of pictures.


The Universal Record Database


A competitor to the Guinness Book this site brings world records to the internet with a searchable database.

From the site: "URDB is an open platform for world records. We welcome you to get involved, whether discussing records, beating records or setting new ones of your own. Let's grow this project collectively and push the limits of what mankind can do."

The fastest time to recite the first 100 digits of Pi in 30.12 seconds while twisting a Rubik's Cube and balancing 15 books on her head.

Beating Heart


Wanna see a heart all wired up with tubes and beating away? This is where you can.


Vanity Barcodes


"A vanity barcode is a product UPC (Universal Product Code) that's been turned into a decorative design, yet still scans like a regular barcode. They're a powerful marketing tool that can transform a boring space-hogging barcode into a brand asset."


Playing Card Encryption


Encrypt / decrypt messages of up to 46 characters in a sequence of playing cards using this tool.

"By establishing a mathematical correspondence between an order of letters and the order of cards, we can hide a message in the deck of cards by simply putting them in the correct order."


Differences Between Men And Women


Tongue-in-cheek look at the differences between the sexes,


FBI And The Freedom Of Information Act

This link was first posted on this blog on December 6th 2007

Find out what the US government knew and when they knew it with these previously secret files which have been released due to the Freedom of Information Act.


More pictures of extreme piercings and extremely visible tattooing.


Texts From Last Night


Browse through text messages that people have submitted for  everyone's enjoyment. Anonymity is preserved, the only hard data shown being a telephone area code.


Browser Pong


Twist  on this classic computer game - the ball and paddles are actually mini-browser windows...


Crap Facts


Did you know that 75% of your poop is water?

Or that some caterpillars can fling their feces up to 3 feet to elude predators?

More of this at above link.


Betel Nut Girls In Taiwan


"Betel nut, a mild stimulant, is enjoyed across Asia. But only in Taiwan is the nut sold by fetching young women in outrageous outfits, perched in neon-lit, see-through roadside stands."

News article with pictures and video clip.#


Sexist Vintage Adverts


Attitudes have changed a lot in the last 50 years - today these examples would be a definite no-no.


McFoods From Around The World


If you don't do much travelling then the chances are you will not have seen many of these. McDonalds know that you have to adapt your menu to suit different cultures - for example you probably won't see many beef patties in India? I may be wrong on this as I still have never been to India.


Maharaja Mac from the Indian menu

Friends Of Irony


The title is pretty self-explanatory - there are some classics on this site


YouTube Picks #78 - 1973 Was Awesome


Curta Mechanical Computer


Precursor of the modern computer - this device is:

- Entirely mechanical, no electricity or batteries involved.
- Designed by Curt Herzstark in 1938 and perfected inside a concentration camp.
- Considered to be the most efficient portable calculator (until electronic calculators came in the 70s)
- Simply a thing of beauty, stunning piece of engineering art.

See also a Curta Simulator


Funny Names dot com


Featuring funny and weird names of people, places, things, bands, websites, businesses and more categories.

I particularly like the domain names section as I am always trying to think up interesting domain names to register but they always appear to be taken when I look them up.

there's a weird name for a website...unless, that is, you know a bit of Thai

iPhone - There's An App For That


According to this Mac site there are currently 134,000 iPhone applications available from the Apple store and every 2 1/2 minutes another one is submitted.

More facts at above link.


Photoshopped Dollar Bills


I believe it's illegal to deface legal tender but these aren't the real thing - just images.




If you want to start your own blog it doesn't get much simpler than this site.


Tilt-Shift Photography - A Tutorial


Yesterday's video clip was done using the tilt-shift method. This is a tutorial telling you how to use this method.


YouTube Picks #77 - The Sandpit

A day in the life of New York City, in miniature...

Brussels Navels 2001


Pierced or not, bellybuttons are what it's all about...


Rare Photos Of Famous People


These are all people that you will have heard of, but have you seen these particular pictures of them before?


Madonna, Detroit 1976


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