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Hobo Signs


I believe that some tramps (hobos) leave little signals for each other - things like 'Easy Mark' or 'Work Available' and so on. This page has drawings of the various signs and their translations. I just hope that I never have to learn these myself.


Orisinal Games


Cute collection of online games - if you don't want to have to concentrate too hard these games may help you pass the time away.


Window To The Past


"One good way to look at the past and the present at the same time is to take a photo holding an old photo of the same location. It's amazing to see the past being held on top of the present and see that a lot of things remain the same."


CIA Tricks


See some of the tricks of the spycraft trade as accomplished by the CIA during the Cold War.


Celebrity Phone Book Carvings


"Alex Queral is a Philadelphian sculptor best known for using old phone books to carve their pages into celebrities faces.".

"The process takes at least a couple of weeks to complete."

"He begins by sketching the famous person’s face on a piece of paper and laying it over the phone book, after that he uses a razor blade, patiently carving away at the thousands of pages that lie within phone book to create the 3D portrait."


I'm not sure who this is, but he looks familiar

The Fucking Word Of The Day


Hilarious site lists words and their dictionary definitions. However the examples of these words used in sentences put in context make for some alternative reading.


Trend Hunter


Examine current trends in technology and culture. Some of these are quite disturbing.


dead animal USB drives

The FBI And The Freedom Of Information Act

This link was first posted on this blog on December 6th 2007


Find out what the US government knew and when they knew it with these previously secret files being released due to the Freedom of Information Act.

By the way, I'm not sure how comprehensive this listing is seeing as it's on the FBI's own website, but for sure, there is some pretty interesting reading to be found here...


FBI badge patch



For a while now there have been apps coming out that enable you to download video clips posted on YouTube to your local computer.

This website has got to be one of the easiest ways to accomplish this, and the good news is that you do not need to install any software on your computer to do it.

Just change the 'y' from the start of 'youtube.com' to '3' and you're then prompted to download the video on the page that you're looking at.

See link above for more detailed instructions.


If Star Wars Had Facebook


"Its a good thing that Star Wars was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. It explains why they are not taking advantage of earth’s technological advances.

Like for instance, if Star Wars had Facebook, statuses might have looked like this:"

Thanks to Mark for this one.




"2 photographs of the same person, from different periods of time (child and adult) are spliced together. In this fusion a jump of time is established at the tear."


Stick Person Porn


"Indulge yourself in the ultimate bandwidth-friendly hardcore porn page for people who desperately need to see themselves in the middle of the hottest abstract (and we mean abstract) action!"


on a Harley

Flight Tracker

This link was first posted on this blog on December 5th 2007


I had a hard time a few months ago trying to find a site that tracked flights in and out of Edinburgh. Now I've found this one which looks like it's pretty comprehensive with its airports and flights...might come in handy one day...


Lost Valentine's Cards


"Awww, they're romantic and a bit creepy..."


Valentine's Heart Maker


Well it's another over-rated commercialized holiday tomorrow. Generate your own JPEG images of love hearts here.


Decorative Sugar Cubes


Although I don't usually link to commercial sites these cubes are so endearing I thought I'd make an exception.


Misspelled Tattoos


Considering tattoos stay  with you for life - unless you're willing to part with 000's of pounds and multiple operations to remove them I'll bet the owners of these aren't too chuffed with what they got.


YouTube Picks #75 - iPhone Birdbox


Movie Spoiler Site


If you cannot be bothered actually watching a film then you can just read all about what happens in it on this site.

If you're thinking of going to see a film and you want to check it out beforehand then you can do so on this site.

Unfortunately they've gone big on advertising and you'll probably get a couple of pop-up windows when you click into a movie. Such is life.


Feather Drop On The Moon


Don't believe that man really walked on the moon? Here's a video clip of an experiment done while on the surface of the moon which is pretty damn convincing...


Kang Yatse - A Ski-ing Misadventure

This link was first posted on this blog on December 4th 2007


This is the story of a couple of American's trip to the Himalayas from start to finish. The site itself is done in Flash - watch the story through mini-videos.


The Himalayas

Cut Your Electric Bill


Handy calculator which helps you work out how much electricity each of your electrical appliances uses and how much that is in fact costing you. You can tweak this thing pretty easily to get a pretty exact lowdown.

Costs are all in US dollars though but if you don't live in the US (like me) you can still get a damn good idea of what's happening power-wise in your own home.


YouTube Picks #74 - Will It Bend?


Tiny Animals On Fingers


Part of a group on the Flickr site there are insects, reptiles and even tiny mammals represented here.

Note - there are 2 pages of pictures - click the thumbnails to view enlarged photos.


tiny chameleon

Homeless Signs


It can be no fun being homeless but these fellows obviously have a good sense of humour about them...


Morphed Models


Starts out with headshots of 16 models and gradually morphs these pictures into each other to make the ultimate morphed model.



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