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TV Nudity


Internet e-zine dedicated to nudity in TV shows and films. It's been going since 1995 and updated daily.


Miriam MacDonald in Poison Ivy: The Secret Society

Notes From The Road

This link was first posted on this blog on December 3rd 2007


A brilliant travelogue...very well written actually on a selected few places from around the World

"By road, by kayak, seaplane and most of all on foot, I try to tackle the themes of city and country in the modern World."

There's some excellent photography and blurb tells you all about the stories behind the pictures.


the Oregon Hotel

I Can't Believe It's Not Photoshopped


From the site: "Here are 30 pictures that have the unrealistic quality that make you think it has been photoshopped, although are pictures are real and have not been altered in any way."

Yeah, right!

However I do believe that the square watermelons are real though - I think they sell them like this in Japan.


Hideous iPhone Prototypes


Taken from pictures of iPhone prototypes being sold on eBay - it looks like the iPhone firmware has come a long way since these test versions.


YouTube Picks #73 - Flight 1549

Time-lapse footage of the recovery effort for the airliner that crashed into the Hudson.

3-D Sidewalk Drawings


I've posted in the past with other pages in this same genre. Here's some fresh stuff.


25 Money Faces


If you fold a banknote and hold it at just the right angle you'll get a semi-realistic effect...


19 Awful Nativity Scenes


If you're a devout Christian you'll probably cringe at these.


Lego nativity

Damn Interesting

This link was first posted on this blog on December 2nd 2007


This site has been dormant for a while now but if you've never visited before there are a whole lot of Damn Interesting articles to catch up on.

Read about (amongst many other things) - programmable drinks bottles, gravity-powered planes and lots of other things here...

Bring out some new articles DI!


the wrath of the Killdozer

Tilt-Shift Photography


"In this article, you’ll learn that how you can transform snaps of real full size subject matter into what looks like small scenes, all with the help of Tilt-Shift Photography."

"There are two ways to achieve this; either use Photoshop or use your camera with a special lens to control the rotation relative to the image plane and movement parallel to the image plane, tilt and shift."

"Tilt controls what is in focus and shift allows you to change the line of sight while keeping it parallel to the subject being shot."


Snowdon Railway by Angus Leonard

Mouse-over each element for a brief description of what it is and what it is used for in everyday life.

Click through the element to see more detailed explanations.


YouTube Picks #72 - Star Trek Advert

UK commercial using members of the original Star Trek cast.

Cars In Barns


Site features pictures of old rusting American cars with the stories behind them. There's an awful lot already there but you can submit your own if you like. Give it a couple more years and you might see my own current car up on this...


1970 Ford Mustang

Top 100 Reuters Photos Of The Decade


Use the 'Next' button to browse through them.


"A refugee carries a stone to help her father build a wall in the Neelum Valley near Kamsar camp, Kashmir, February 15, 2006."

Mystery Google


Enter your search term and click the 'Search' button - just like doing a normal search. But that's where the similarity ends.

You get the last guy's results and the next person gets yours!


29 Best Simpsons Blackboard Gags


It's the bit at the starting titles when Bart is writing punishment lines on the blackboard - every show they're different lines and here are 29 of the best of them.


Norman Rockwell's Photo Realism


"Norman Rockwell’s rosy illustrations of small town American life looked so photographic because his method was to copy photographs that he conceived and meticulously directed, working with various photographers and using friends and neighbors as his models."


Fan Fiction


On this page you will find listings for pretty much any TV series you can think of. However it doesn't link to the actual shows - it has ideas for stories for the shows written by fans of said shows.

I wonder if the screenwriters ever take notice of these because many of these are very good and , in some cases, better than the actual episodes themselves!

This pixilation (stop-motion animation using real people) was made in 2006 for Screen South as part of the UK Film Council's Digital Shorts scheme. As much as possible, it was made 'in camera' without digital superimposure, using thousands of printed materials.

Steckelhorn 11 Is Finished


"The German architectural firm J. Mayer H have completed the Steckelhorn 11 building in Hamburg."

Photos and description at link above. There's an umlaut in the name but I can't be bothered working out how to type that with my UK keyboard so just bear it in mind when you're reading this ok?


People Of Influence Painting


Big oil painting done by some Chinese artists depicting a large gaggle of important people through history. Mouse over the person to see who it is and clicking through their head takes you to the relevant Wiki.


Cat Behaviours Explained


"There seem to be two kinds of people in the world: those who don't understand cats, and those who think cats are kind of douchebags.

Unfortunately for cat lovers, science has kind of come down on the side of that second group. Research has revealed that a lot of the quirky and even cute things your kitty does are actually signs that your cat is kind of a dick."

If you own a cat then this article is a must-read.


cat with hoover

25 Examples Of Laziness


25 Wi-Fi Network Names


You can set the SSID (Wireless Network Identifier) on your router to pretty much anything you want. Especially if you want to send a little message to your neighbours.


Knitted Food Items


Not sure I'd eat any of these but you could unravel them and use them to keep you warm.


Deep Thoughts


There's a new 'deep thought' every day. Browse the archives - some of these are very profound but some appear to be a bit ridiculous tbh.


Auto-Complete Me


Begin to type in a search query into Google and it will suggest possible phrases by auto-completing what you have typed. Sometimes this can lead to rather weird results...


Instant Levitation


Are they jumping or is this an example of levitation?


Rock Band Name Origins


"Bands often have unusual names and here are the origins of some popular bands both past and present. One thing that you will discover if you look into this area is that RUMORS abound!; If we cannot confirm an origin, we have given alternatives found in other sources. Some entries contain links to useful band information."


Against Christ / Devil's Children????

USA Panoramas


360 degree panoramas taken at various spots around the US.


this one taken at the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco


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