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YouTube Picks #69 - Never A Year Like '09




Pick your level and do the quiz. It may help if you're American as most of the questions are USA-based trivia.


Food Art


Carvings and photography made of mostly fruit and veg but there are some done with loaves of bread as well. These are actually intended to be used as wallpaper (for your computer, not your bedroom).


Digg Spy


See Diggs in real time as they're dugg. The bigger the writing, the more they've been dug. Click through the Diggs to see the actual articles that have been dug.


Size Does Count


As seen on The Nation website in Bangkok.

"Men's instinctive concern over their penis size will soon be discussed more openly - or even boasted about - with the news that an official penis measuring device is being introduced to Thailand. About to be launched under the Public Health Ministry's "Condom for All" campaign, a disposable paper measuring tape will tell guys which size condom will give them the best comfort and protection."

Click link above or picture to read the whole article...


Measuring tape

YouTube Picks #68 - Stop Motion Project


Unusual Xmas Trees


From upside-down trees to trees made of diamonds to giant trees...

Merry Xmas from Liam


shelf tree

Fun Hair Gallery


Thought I'd post this one today as I've just had my own hair cut - it's not as spectacular as some of these though...


The Gaydar Test


"The Gaydar test is simple. We'll show you pairs of guys and girls. Just prove you can recognize who's gay. These are real people who use OkCupid. We figured what the hell?"


As you can see I got 12 out of 20 on this - it's a stupid idea anyway

Thinking Of Working For Google?


Google HR asks job seekers incredibly difficult interview questions. These questions can confuse with their deceptive simplicity. This page highlights some of these questions and make some suggestions for answers.


How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?

Princess Leia Imitations


Ever since the 'gold bikini' scenes from 'Return of the Jedi' - or was it 'The Empire Strikes Back'? women have been dressing up as Leia. Here are some of them...




Psychedelic show - make sure you're wearing your sunglasses for this one...




Brilliant little animation of a guy's troubles with his door...

YouTube Picks #67 - Coconut-Carrying Octopus


Print Advertising


"Print adverts need to get a message across with a single image and without the recourse of interactivity that we find today on the Internet.

As interactive media expands, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter every day.

For any company trying to get their product or service out in print format, the task is ever more challenging and difficult."


Photos From Old Times


The camera was invented in stages by various different parties going back as far as the Greeks and Chinese in the 4th-5th Centuries B.C.

It was 1727 that Johann Heinrich Schulze discovered that silver nitrate darkened upon exposure to light.

This page features some old photos - I'm guessing that most of these are from the 19th Century or thereabouts.


Learn Something Every Day


Did you know that apples are more effective than coffee at waking you up in the morning? Or that in London the average glass of tap water has already been drunk 7 times?

More killer facts posted every day on this site.


here's today's offering

Vintage Supermarket Photos


Old pictures of back when supermarkets were still a novelty.


Art From Everyday Objects


Pieces of 'art' made from some of the unlikeliest things...


CD chair can't be very comfortable..
The message is hope for 2012...

The Eyeballing Game


Train yourself to be able to judge distances/angles by sight. There are 7 different tests which have to be done 3 times for an average score.


this was my attempt

The Day After The Party 2


More in the same vein as this post made last year.


Celebrities - Now And Then


46 pics...


Steve Urkel



Click the mouth, nose, head and each eye to create a different monoface. And keep clicking - there are 759,375 possible different faces.


here's one I prepared earlier...

Rotten Dot Com


"The soft white underbelly of the net, eviscerated for all to see: Rotten dot com collects images and information from many sources to present the viewer with a truly unpleasant experience."

Be warned - there are some pretty ghastly pictures on this site...


why has this man got maggots in his leg? think I might skip dinner tonight

YouTube Picks #65 - Duck Song


Career Planner


Assign priorities to different values and statements about work and this site will match your preferences to some potential careers.

This is what it suggested to me:

Safety Coordinator
Environmental Manager
Feed Mill Technician
Feed Mill Manager
Farrowing Department
Lead Environmental Technician
Breeding and Gestation Department Lead
Recruitment and Training Coordinator
Chief Operating Officer

Hmm, I don't know what half of these jobs are but I did always fancy being a mechanic though.


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