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Calculator Words


Remember the fun you had at school making words on your calculator screen from numbers? Like  80085? Ok well I guess it wasn't THAT much fun but it did beat listening to the maths teacher going on about tangents and hypotenuses and all that eh?

This page is dedicated to those calculator words...


Photoshop Competitions


Archives of's photoshop competitions.


Taken from the 'If Sarcasm Ruled The World' competition

Astronomy Picture Of The Day


From the NASA site this page features a new picture every day and lists archives going back to 1995..


Today's offering is Annapurna star trails

Superconducting Train


Video of an experiment that clearly demonstrates the principles that would be used in constructing such a machine. This is pretty cool.


Insect Images


High-res pictures of various insects. If these things were any bigger than they really are they'd be extremely scary.


YouTube Picks #64 - Cats


If Paper Towels Could Talk


"Illustrator Marc Johns has been drawing and painting his entire life. His work is often sparse, whimsical and obscure. He describes himself as a traditionalist and a minimalist, often drawing on post-it notes or as seen here, in a Starbucks bathroom."


"Help! I'm stuck"

6 Ways To Recycle Rubber


"Tire recycling is on a roll. Only a few decades ago, the world had little or no idea what to do with the hundreds of millions of scrap tires littering the planet – hogging landfill space, collecting stagnant water for disease-carrying moquitos to breed in, and causing epic flagrations that can burn for years.

Now we live in eco-friendlier times. Recycled tires are (somewhat fittingly) being used to line roads, to make playgrounds safe, to prop up houses…and as these six examples show, to add quirky style to our homes."


the raw material

Granny's Sight Restored With Tooth Implant


Right so this elderly woman was blind so surgeons removed one of her teeth, implanted a small lens in it then subsequently implanted the whole lot into her eye. After a while the procedure was successful and she could read newspapers again!

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry...


A Collection Of Kisses


"A kiss - a simple act that can convey a diverse array of meanings. A kiss can be intimate and private, or meant for public display, it can convey love and affection, or simply provide comfort. Its use as a greeting is under fire in our current climate of H1N1 fear, as the French government has begun encouraging citizens to forgo "la bise", their traditional cheek-to-cheek kiss, for health reasons. Gathered here are 33 recent photos of kisses expressing greetings and farewells, congratulations and joy, respect and, above all, love."


Craz-E Burger


As seen on the Daily Telegraph website read this article about a newly invented kind of burger.

"The recipe is simple: take one burger dripping in its own fat, garnish with two juicy strips of streaky bacon and a generous wedge of melted, oozing cheese. Then stick the lot inside a glazed and buttered doughnut."

Only in America!


Balls Within Balls


Mouse-over the centre of one of the balls and it splits the one into 4. Do it again and it will do it again. And so on...


YouTube Picks #63 - How To Make A Baby

Take two people, add a little hot air, and boom! It's that simple.

w00kie's Transparent Screens


These monitors appear to be completely transparent but they still manage to have icons on their desktops!


Healing Herb Database


Find the herb to ease your ailment.

"Ever since the dawn of the ancient cultures, herbs have played an important role in healing. They still form the basis for scientific research into medical cures. And thanks to the work of progressive traditional medical doctors, alternative natural remedies have become increasing accepted by mainstream medicine. Even major HMO's have recognized the need for natural remedies and may cover alternative natural healing methods."

"To help you learn more about widely accepted natural remedies and healing herbs, we've compiled a fully searchable database organized by application and herb names for both the common and Latin names."


Black Cohosh is used to treat panic attacks, feelings of impending doom; palpitations

Masters Of Cargo


Looks like most of these pictures were taken in developing countries and mostly Asia by the looks of it.

When the highway laws aren't really enforced too strictly then some people's ingenuities get a little out of hand. By the way, those pics of the Indian trains are just outrageous, but I'm betting your average Indian person would not bat an eyelid at those kind of scenes...


Funny Illusions And Fun


Oh the fun to be had with Photoshop these days...although I suspect that not all of these have been 'shopped...


I know the feeling...

Vintage Ads


Translation, Sex Appeal and Innuendo...

"American advertising today has lost some of its edge—not Schick, of course. But a look back at the 40s, 50s, and early 60s shows an innocence and boldness that brings about a good laugh today. I wonder what references in today’s ads will play out in 2030? From sexual innuendos to brash examples of tomfoolery, the following ads are just a sample of the misplaced pun today."


Griffin Microsheen (1957)



Using what looks like the Google Maps API this site shows you pictures and where they have been uploaded from to the Flickr website.

Also check out the 3D version


YouTube Picks #62 - Chocolate Rain


Man DID Walk On The Moon - Proof Here!


"Ever since astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on the Moon, there has been an adamant group of conspiracy theorists who claim the whole event was concocted in a film studio.

In 2002, a frustrated Mr Aldrin even punched a documentary maker who claimed the Moon missions were faked.Now new photos taken by Nasa's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) camera may settle the matter once and for all."


Corn Mazes


<QUOTE>"If there’s one thing we’ve got a LOT of here in America, it’s corn. In the past few years Corn Mazes have become a wildly popular fall activity for all ages. We’ve enjoyed many ourselves and part of what we like about them is that they’re a hack. Whether made by the farmer down the road or a professional company most now use GPS to ensure a fun, challenging, and cool looking corn maze."</QUOTE>


Defaced Presidents


This is a set of pictures on Flickr of defaced banknotes. I'm sure that this practice is illegal in many countries, if not all, but hey, if it's your money, it's your money...


Dirty Car Window Art


All of these done by Scott Wade. Awesome stuff!


Telekinesis Test


This tests your ability to telekinetically affect the outcome of a simple 1 or 0 test done by a computer. The computer randomly generates a digit being either 1 or 0 1024 times and works out how many of each were generated.

Results of my attempt are below - I got a dead even spread.


Hilariously Defaced Signs


Most of these will probably have been done by drunk people, but some of them look suspiciously like an inside job.


YouTube Picks #61 - Afro Ninja


The Face Memory Game


Following on from the other memory game a couple of days ago - here's another one - this time faces and not objects. Despite my success on the objects I could not even get past level 1 on this game...

Rare Star Wars Photos


If you're around my age then you will have grown up with Star Wars and if you're anything like me then you will have seen the films a few times at least. Browse through this collection  - there's some good ones in here.


Leia with Chewbacca

Short Term Memory Checker


Test your own memory skills with this simple game. For some reason I managed to get to level 8 even with a frazzled brain like mine...



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