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Have You Ever Wondered?


21 pages of questions posed about landmarks and everyday objects like dollar bills and the like. Some of the questions have little footnotes giving some insight into the answers behind these questions although I'm not sure how well researched this all is.

However there are some pretty interesting observations made though...


the Vatican courtyard is in the shape of a keyhole - and doesn't the design in the centre look a bit like the Union Jack flag?

Good And Bad Parenting


Pictures of good examples are of animals in the wild - the 'bad' examples are actually humans and (I sincerely hope) are done with tongue-in-cheek.


see the little 'un?

Very Short Stories


You'll notice from the link above that VSS is on the Twitter site. If you have problems staying awake when trying to read normal fiction, then maybe this feed is for you.

Examples include:

"“Do you love me Phillip?” asked Pricilla. “That’s a silly question,” he replied, still looking at his paper. “I thought so,” she said."

"4am. You are asleep. I am awake. I am eating your Easter candy. In the morning, I will pretend we have been robbed."


Edgar Allan Poe wrote some very good short stories - they were not as short as the stories on this site though

Crappy Taxidermy


The pictures on this site certainly are examples of some bad taxidermy (that's stuffing dead animals by the way).

Don't just stop on the first page - there's currently 76 pages of these...


20 Questions


Play the classic which can be tailored to your locality and subject type. I believe the site uses AI (Artifical Intelligence) so the more people who play it, the more the game itself learns.


20 Creative Toilet Signs


Not sure if some of these are in very good taste but you can decide that for yourself...


Your Life In Little Blobs


"Last month went by pretty quickly didn't it? One month is not a very long time, but the fact of the matter is that the life expectancy (in the United States) is only about 936 months. Life sure looks different to me when I can see my whole life displayed before me as 936 little blobs."

Milestones are flagged in the diagram.


YouTube Picks #56 - Birds On The Wires


Funniest Google Suggest Results


You may have noticed that recently when you are typing in a new Google search query it will auto-suggest-complete your query for you.

This makes for some possibly hilarious results...


Why is my g...

Probably Bad News


"News fails, because journalism isn't dying fast enough."


Xmas in July??

Retro Websites


Do you remember when the World Wide Web was in its infancy / toddler years? Websites looked so much simpler. Or did they? I would venture that site navigation is a whole lot easier these days. The Yahoo! site, for example, was a bewildering list of categories and sub-categories listed on the front page without much of a thought for aesthetics at all.

This site is here to remind you of the bad old days...actually if you've seen the rest of this site ( you'll probably realize that I haven't bothered to redesign much since I first published back in 2004 - yep, I'm a lazy bugger!


Other Uses For Books


Don't like reading? Well here's some alternative ways to use your books...


Sand Women


Click on link above to see more like this


100 Website Naming Disasters


Summary of the rules:

1. There’s a website AND
2. It’s an active website AND
3. There’s a double meaning AND
4. It’s not deliberate

There's some very unfortunate examples on this page - for example:
- - which is a site about scrapbook making
- - which is about analytical technology products
- - which is about asphalt maintenance

...and so on

UFOs Photographed By Apollo


Article created for the moon landing anniversary. Use the right-hand side menu to cycle through the pictures.


"Film fault or flying saucer? A strange blue disc is captured over the surface of the moon"

Toothpick Sculptures


Art made of toothpicks.


tram car or maybe a funicular railway carriage?

Lying Down Game


"A new game is out on Facebook called “lying down game”. The point of the game is that people post a picture of themselves lying somewhere. So that means in the middle of the road, bars, trees and so on."


Russian Cheerleaders


Oh, to be in the Russian national squad...


Zoom Quilt II - A Collaborative Art Project


It's so tiny it's almost unnoticeable. Now it's bigger, and bigger and now we're on it..and into it and there's more ...and oh no, here we go again...


YouTube Picks #55 - Cyborg Insects

"Interesting engineering. Hideous morality. Build a robot and leave the animals alone."

Biro Art


Browse the galleries of what i would describe as being professional doodles. This one entitled From Heaven to Hell in particular is inspired...


birds and the bees

Eternal Moonwalk


Following from this recent post on MJ's famous moonwalk patent this one goes on forever...

You can create your own moonwalk clip and submit it to the site for adding into the chain.


it goes on...and on

Historical Tweets


Browse through the all-time most popular, most popular in last 30 days and Twitter staff's most popular tweets.

(For anyone who doesn't yet know - and I don't believe there can be many of you - a tweet is a message posted on Twitter)


Stationery With A Bite


Some popular stationery items with a difference.

Note/ I'm not sure that all of these 'bite' - at least I hope they don't - look at the page and you'll see what I mean.


dinosaur staple remover

Suggestive Advertisements


Well I guess many people will have heard the expression 'Sex Sells'. In these cases this saying has been taken very literally...


Anti-Gravity Illusion Patent


Hey! I did not know that Google has a 'Patents' service! This one is Michael Jackson's patent of (from what I can make out) his moonwalk methods. Didn't realize there was such a science behind it...

Patent number: 5255452
Filing date: Jun 29, 1992
Issue date: Oct 26, 1993


Creative Pregnant Bellies


Being pregnant creates a much bigger surface area...


Somali Pirate Cruise


The East coast of Africa is a hot-bed for pirates - I'm guessing that most merchant shipping will avoid it whenever possible. This article is a tongue-in-cheek advertisement for a holiday cruise along the coast - you can rent your own M16s and miniguns from the ship to do battle with said pirates!

[See also]


YouTube Picks #54 - Trickey With Balls


Celebrities Without Makeup


Large gallery of pictures of (female) stars without their slap on. Various supermodels are included.




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