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Custom Einstein Images


Create your personalized image of Einstein writing your own message on his blackboard.

What's a blackboard? Well it's one of them things that were used before whiteboards came around :-p


Service is resumed

Hi there

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. We've been away on holiday in Yorkshire and had no internet access :-((

I suppose I probably could have found a way of getting online, but hey, it was a holiday right?

Anyway there'll be a new link every day from now as usual. Thanks for bearing with us!

The Darwin Awards


If you spend any time at all surfing the 'Net you will already have come across this site, or, at least, some reference to it.

"The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it..."

The Darwin Awards have been with us since 1995 and I'm sure will still be going strong in several years time.


the great man himself

Amazing Cakes


Collection of pictures of some very fancy cakes. Attention to detail is everything...


Women Of Star Trek


"This page was born because of my righteous anger at Trek "fans" who repeatedly talk about "Playboy Kirk" or the Star Trek "Babes" in an appallingly sexist way. Here's proof that Kirk was NOT a playboy and Star Trek was NOT a sexist show. It was an anti-sexist show: one of the first, and one of the all-time best."


Lieutenant Uhura

Star Trek Trivia


Take the Star Trek trivia quiz - you've got to be pretty good to get these questions right.


Warning - Don't watch this when you're having your tea!

Who Calls Me?


"This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, political surveyors, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, ignore the Do-Not-Call List regulations, and simply interrupt your day

If you received a strange call, most likely you are not the only one. Search for this phone number to see the reports of others. If there are no reports yet, leave your comment to start a conversation."


Faces In Places


Pictures of faces embodied in various objects. Some of these are intentional but others appear to have just happened by accident.




"Fingerjig is a 6 minute typing game that tests your typing ability. Words are randomly chosen from a dictionary of over 70,000. You must try to type the words as quickly and accurately as you can!"



As featured on this very site...


Celebrities As Vegetables


Collection of photoshopped pictures of stars blended with various fruit and veg!


Tom (Coco) Hanks

Paradox Montage


Political-type montage of newspaper cuttings. Click inside the image to zoom in to any part of it.


YouTube Picks #48 - Who Shot JFK?

Controversial video apparently showing that the driver turned around and shot him at point blank. However this could easily just be a trick of the light combined with poor clarity in the film.

The Complete Starfleet Library


"Welcome to the source for information on all Star Trek books published in English: fiction and nonfiction, authorized and unauthorized. The Complete Starfleet Library has been online since 1999 and currently describes well over a thousand books and ebooks."

The original Star Trek and The Next Generation are good stuff - I never could get into the subsequent spin-offs though. Anyway you can read all about all the episodes ever made on this page - could be a good source for your Trekkie trivia.


64 Things Geeks Should Know


"The term 'geek', once used to label a circus freak, has morphed in meaning over the years. What was once an unusual profession transferred into a word indicating social awkwardness. As time has gone on, then word has yet again morphed to indicate a new type of individual: someone who is obsessive over one (or more) particular subjects, whether it be science, photography, electronics, computers, media, or any other field. A geek is one who isn't satisfied knowing only the surface facts, but instead has a visceral desire to learn everything possible about a particular subject."

Loads of interesting links to articles on cracking operating system passwords, how to defeat keystroke loggers, how to hide files within JPEG image files and other semi-techie stuff.


Evelien Lohbeck


The first thing I noticed about this site was that the style is eye-catching because of the (I presume) hand-drawn picture icons and hand-writing. I guess we have come to expect typeface and 'perfect' images created on computers as being the norm on the internet.

I first came across this kind of effect on the video clip that I featured on this site a month or so ago and you know what? Handwriting rules!


How Sleep Works

This link was first posted on this blog on December 1st 2007


Nice article from the HSW crew. Did you know cows can sleep while they are standing up but they only dream when they are lying down?

ahem, ahem, fascinating...ahem

(multiple pages of this - it's not just the one page)


Flash Mountain


"Flashing boobs on a major amusement park's Splash Mountain attraction. Normally these pictures are immediately deleted by park personnel, but some of them are saved on the sly, and others slip past the censors."


Zoo Borns


Lots of cuddly pictures and comment on baby animals of various species born in captivity. Many people would say that it is not right to keep animals locked up so that we can go and ogle them on a whim -  and I do see their point actually, but others may say that some of these creatures would actually go extinct if we were not breeding them in cages in zoos. So I guess you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.


baby Cape Porcupine born on June 6th in Basel Zoo in Switzerland

YouTube Picks #47 - Bathtub V

Done with toy models...

Inappropriate Science Fair Projects


Collection of pictures of some of the more outlandish science fair projects which  (mostly) appear to have been done by kids - but it looks like the parents may have had a hand in some of these...


It's too small to read in this pic but the title of this project is "Things I have shoved up my ass"!

17 Very Calorific Foods


17 foods with the most calorific bang for your buck. And, of course, it will be bucks that you use to buy these because, what d'ya know?, most of these are from the USA.

However I feel I should add that I'm getting a bit on the overweight side myself, so I'm not one to talk here but have to say that I would probably have to draw the line at some of these recipes - gross! (But they probably all smell nice when you're cooking them).


Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries!



I assume this is pitched at children / teenagers so if you fall into this category give this site the once-over - the URL says this is 'really flipping cool' but I am not sure if I know what this means any more...


Your Birthday Star

This link was first posted on this blog on November 29th 2007


Work out what your own birthday star is and find out all about that star - this is what the site said about mine:

""Your birthday star is in the constellation Pegasus. It has the name ι (Iota) Pegasi in Johann Bayer's Uranometria star catalog. It is also called 24 Pegasi in the Historia Cœlestis Britannica of John Flamsteed and Edmund Halley. It is called NS 2207+2520 A in the NStars database.

It has visual magnitude 3.77 meaning that you could see this star with the naked eye in good viewing conditions. It is marked in the center of this star chart, at celestial coordinates (J2000 equinox):
Right ascension         22:7:0.7
Declination        25:20:42.4

This star is 38.3 light years away, which means that the light we see from it today set off on its journey at about the same time that you were born. Come back in a month or two and your birthday star may change, as the light from more distant stars reaches Earth."




"Wordie lets you make lists of words and phrases. Words you love, words you hate, words on a given topic, whatever. Lists are visible to everyone but can be added to by just you, a group of friends, or anyone, as you wish."




"Oobject is a design blog all about technology. We create hundreds of lists of unusual or interesting gadgets which are ranked by user votes, much like music charts.

We also round up all the best technology design news and display it in a picture gallery"

There's video clips to watch from most of the categories - if you're interested in technology or just the more interesting side of life this site makes interesting browsing material.

<edit>the 'video clips' actually turn out to be pictures, but hey, you can look at a picture for a second but if it was a VDO you'd be there for hours so maybe that's a good thing...</edit>


YouTube Picks #46 - Static : Pulse

"Experiments with live light"


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