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One Trillion Dollars


Without a doubt, one trillion dollars is a lot of dough - ever wanted to know what a trillion looked like? This page will put your curiosity at rest.

Author has used Google Sketchup to graphically display what a trillion looks like...


$100 bill
Don't get me wrong - I was happy that Obama got elected and all - I just happen to think that all politicians the world over are capable of spouting a lot of hot air sometimes...

Message In A Bottle


There are now many sites on the Net where you can arrange to have a message put into a bottle and thrown into the sea (or river). This page lists these sites.

Also you can read stories about how people have done this and their messages have been found.


Tiny Animals On Fingers


Flickr collection of photos of little beasts and mites sitting / standing on human fingers for a size perspective.


a little gecko

This Is Indexed


Graphical representations of relationships of pretty much everything in life with some witty insights of how our minds work...



This link was first posted on this blog on November 15th 2007


There is no need to be deterred by cloudy skies when you can go stargazing from the comfort of your own living room. Welcome to Stellarium - a 3-dimensional planetarium that displays real-time photo-realistic skies that you can view from your PC. Download the free software, set your co-ordinates, engage : )) and watch as the galaxy unfolds. Armchair astronomers will see stars, atmospheres, nebulas, planets, constellations and loads of other star stuff...


The Sun

Mutants Invade Vegetable Stalls


Collection of pictures of mutated veg...you couldn't grow them like this if you tried!


Daily Literature


Read books online on this site. You have to pay a fee for some of the books but it looks like all the classics are free.

So, if you've never read War and Peace or A Tale of Two Cities - this is the place to catch-up.

Sign up for installments and they'll be sent to you either via email or RSS feed...


YouTube Picks #36 - Muto (By Blu)

"It's like watching art evolve - literally..."


Invent Your Own Disease


Generate your own random malady on this site. I did it and this is what it gave me...at least, I think I probably had this anyway to be honest...!!

Oppositional Visual Deficit Syndrome With Behavioral Disturbance (OVDSWBD)

OVDSWBD is usually associated with stubborn resistance to conform to social norms combined with the imagined perception of lights, patterns or objects in the visual cortex that exists at sub-optimal levels, combined with erratic, unpredictable behavioral irregularities.


I Know What You're Thinking!


This is driving me crazy because I have tried it 5 times now and it has got the answer right every time and I cannot work out how it is doing it...

Basically you have to think of any 2 digit number and then subtract the 2 individual digits from the number. On the next screen you are presented with a table of all possible numbers and for each number an object is listed. Continue to the next screen and the object which corresponds to your number is presented.

I can see I'm going to be trying to figure this out all evening now...


Behind The Name


"The etymology and history of first names."

There's no doubt about it - there are a lot of names on this site - English, French, Arabic, African, Azerbaijani, and even mythological and biblical names listed. I guess most people would just look up their own name and that's what I have just done...

LIAM Irish
Irish short form of WILLIAM

Gender: Masculine Usage:English
Pronounced:WIL-ee-əm, WIL-yəm

From the Germanic name Wilhelm, which was composed of the elements wil "will, desire" and helm "helmet, protection". Saint William of Gellone was an 8th-century cousin of Charlemagne who became a monk. The name was common among the Normans, and it became extremely popular in England after William the Conqueror was recognized as the first Norman king of England. It was later borne by three other English kings, as well as rulers of Scotland, Sicily (of Norman origin), the Netherlands and Prussia.

Human Anatomy

This link was first posted on this blog on November 14th 2007


This is a low-bandwidth, interactive tour of the many different and complex systems of one of Nature's most astonishing creations...the human body.


Baby Animals


Various pictures of baby animals.

I thought that this site would be all about cutesy pictures of little animals but, as it turns out, there's some pretty witty commentary as well...


This Is Why You're Fat


Hamburger cake anyone? Or maybe a bacon cinnamon pastry?

Looking at some of the items on this page they're certainly not the reason I'm fat - just regular grease and carbohydrates for me...


deep-fried Creme Egg!
Thanks to Ally for this one...

Free Rice


Take the quiz - for every answer you get right 10 grains of rice are donated through the UN World Food Program to a 3rd World country to help end world hunger.

Just donated 150 grains before posting this...


World's Ugliest Toes


"Friends and family alike have bared their digits to take part in what is sure to become the most discussed (and disgusting) event on the Internet."

Make your vote count!


Crazy Fads


"Find out what was popular when your parents were kids, or take a nostalgic trip down memory lane from your own childhood."


everyone from my generation will remember this...

The Free Information Society

This link was first posted on this blog on November 13th 2007


You could spend a long time on this site just browsing through all the articles. There are categories on technology, science, mathematics, history, people, art & fun, community, museum syndicate and other  miscellaneous stuff.

Some examples include different smoking techniques, classic Mafia films, algebra, biographies etc.

There are also ebooks, a vast library of MP3 sound files and video clips - as I said you could spend a long time here...


a very old computer made before we had discovered the magical qualities of silicon

Is This Atlantis?


So, a guy is browsing through Google Ocean and comes across what looks to be man-made pattern on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean off the Canary Islands.

The pattern is about the same size as Wales and the layout looks eerily like a street pattern!

As seen on The Sun's website - read the full article to see Google's explanation of this phenomenon...


Porno Nombre


Enter a name and have this app create an erotic image of that name.

bl_erotic (300 x 184).jpg

YouTube Picks #34 - Did You Know 3.0

Watch this vid - it's absolutely fascinating...

Kick Sugar


146 reasons why sugar is ruining your health - sorry that's not enough reasons for me to give it up...


Menschen In Der U-Bahn


Collection of photos of weird people and objects on the underground railway...


Sacred Destinations

This link was first posted on this blog on November 12th 2007


"Nearly every culture in human history has sought to honor the divine, the mysterious, the supernatural or the extraordinary in some way. Most often this happens at sacred sites: special places where the physical world seems to meet the spiritual world. These might be awe-inspiring natural places, sites connected to a god, saint or hero, places where miracles occurred, or buildings consecrated for worship or ritual."


Bible Inconsistencies

Apologies for not posting yesterday - straight home from work and back into the car for a drive down to Dumfries. Anyway, I hope this post will make up for that with a good read...


I've never read the Bible cover-to-cover - or, in fact, any other holy books so I'd never realized that there were so many contradictions and inconsistencies contained in it. However I would imagine that that a lot depends on the interpretation - this article lists these inconsistencies...

"These lists are meant to identify possible problems in the Bible, especially problems which are inherent in a literalist or fundamentalist interpretation. Some of the selections may be resolvable on certain interpretations--after all, almost any problem can be eliminated with suitable rationalizations--but it is the reader's obligation to test this possibility and to decide whether it really makes appropriate sense to do this. To help readers in this task, these lists are aimed at presenting examples where problems may exist given certain allowable (but not always obligatory) assumptions. It should be kept in mind that a perfect and omnipotent God could, should, and likely would see to it that such problems did not exist in a book which s/he had inspired. It should also be kept in mind that what is and is not an inconsistency or contradiction is to some extent a matter of opinion. You are entitled to disagree with the author that these are, in fact, inconsistencies or contradictions."


Even More Little People


Little people at work and play. More in the same vein...


News report from back in the day when the Internet was still fairly new...


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