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The Weird Body Quiz


Test yourself with this body-parts trivia quiz. I only managed 5 / 10...

<Sorry, couldn't find a suitable picture for this one...>

Colour It In


Site features hundreds and hundreds of outline pictures that you can colour in on your computer. There's something very therapeutic about sitting and doing this - maybe it reminds me of simpler times...


More Little People


Following on from my post on Jan 22nd - this is a separate collection of pictures in the same vein...


Make Your Own Thai Food

This link was first posted on this blog on November 10th 2007

Thai table tells you how to make a lot of the classic Thai dishes, all about the ingredients, what sort of equipment you need and has articles like 'The truth about peanut sauce' - I swear there's no such thing in Thailand - how the hell did it come to be associated?

Also where to find suppliers for the ingredients etc. in places besides the US (for a change) - if you like Thai grub then check this site out!


Typical sight of a street vendor in Bangkok - God I miss that place!!

Fallen Asleep Again


Funny photos of people who have fallen asleep in some rather strange positions...


PMS Buddy


" is a free service created with a single goal in mind: to keep you aware of when your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter, or any other women in your life are closing in on "that time of the month" - when things can get intense for what may seem to be no reason at all.

For women, this is a great way to give people in your life a heads-up of when you might be feeling a bit irritable without having an awkward conversation.What's more, we will not only keep you informed,but will give you some free advice on what to do about it. With, there is no reason to ever be blindsided by PMS again."


YouTube Picks #32 - Funny Jackass Vid

Bloopers compilation

Henchman's Helper


When I'm sitting at work on night shift I have several different screens that I have to monitor. This site goes a bit further than that. You can monitor weather patterns, ocean currents, other scientific data and various webcams around North America on this one page.

Awesome!! (if you're North American)


Annoy This Man!


Interactive Flash app - use your mouse cursor to poke the guy in the face and he reacts. To be used when you're feeling particularly sadistic and need to take everything out on someone.


Pictures Of Walls


A gallery of walls with stuff written on.



This link was first posted on this blog on November 9th 2007

Flip is a ship with the ability to float both horizontally and vertically. It was built as a scientific research station to measure things like how storm waves are generated and also how sound moves underwater and stuff...Find out how it works, who works there, what they do and there's pictures and video clips as well.


Corporate Logos - After The Crisis


"The 2008 crash is probably the most serious economic crisis we have faced after the Great Depression. Stock markets from around the world fell as much as 20% in a single week, dozens of banks either failed or were rescued by government and private institutions, and companies started laying off employees as a consequence of the reduced demand.

We know how we entered into the crisis, but we don’t how, when, or how we will be getting out of it. Considering that issue, we decided to our little bit to help cheer everyone up by redoing the logos of some renowned companies …. after the crisis."


When Drawing And Photos Come Together


Drawings superimposed onto photos to give them new meaning...


Lie Detector Tests


Take the tests to see how good of a lie detector you are!

I got 66% which it said was below average - it doesn't surprise me - I guess I'm a bit dim...


Chess Thinking Machine


"Chess is a game of position. The position of your pieces in relation to your opponent’s pieces is crucial. You constantly have to evaluate these positions and set up goals and long term tactics."

This is basically a computer chess game. The difference with this game is it actually shows you exactly how the computer works out its next move...


"It's said that a great piece of art reveals new facets of meaning each time you look at it. Since we're impatient and lazy, we asked you to open up some new facets for us. Specifically, we asked you to use photoshop to show us some things we might not have noticed the first time we looked at some of the world's most famous pictures."


Top Beers On Planet Earth

This link was first posted on this blog on November 7th 2007

Site lists the top 100 beers in the World. Read descriptions and reviews - you could learn a helluva lot about beers here.


cor this looks good right now

Berlin's Fastest Bike Couriers


I used to be a bike courier myself - but I don't think I ever managed to pull this many G's!

Although I can claim 26 minutes from The City (London's centre of business and finance) to Heathrow Cargo Terminal once...


Clever stuff - the way that the picture matches the model's face in picture #2 is pretty cool...


I guess that most people know about the tectonic plates of the Earth gradually moving around and causing earthquakes etc.

The continents of Earth were originally all lumped together in one land-mass called Pangaea. They slowly moved apart to form the continents that we know today.

But what I didn't realize was that eventually our continents will be as one again - say, in 250 million years or so...

This app will take any word, sentence or paragraph and translate it into what it thinks a 12-year-old computer addict might render it as.

I added this: "Baan Liam is surely one of the poorest examples of a website on the internet today."


LMAO :-)) .....well not quite..


Africa In Perspective


"People often underestimate quite how large Africa actually is."

This map takes other continents and transposes them over the map of Africa to put things in perspective.


click on map to see enlarged version

Speed Reader


Improve the speed that you can read at on this site. You find a body of text somewhere, copy / paste it into the text box provided, set the speed you want to try and this app will flash the words up on the screen at the speed that you have set.

I've been running some tests myself and can just about manage 420 words per minute on this - although at those kind of speeds there's not really enough time for what you are reading to sink in.


Cosmic Evolution

This link was first posted on this blog on November 6th 2007

Cosmic evolution is a mind-bending and fascinating field of scientific study. It focuses on the various changes in energy, matter and life that have occurred over the infinite evolutionary course of the Universe.Read articles and watch movies to learn more about the many epochs in the history of our mysterious universe...


the Milky Way which is just one of millions of galaxies in the Universe

Flexible Girls


Pictures of women in the most unlikely positions. If only I'd carried on with the Yoga lessons, I might have managed to get into one of this postures...although don't think I would have been suitable for this page even if I had.


Broken Government


Page that lists and expands on the various failures of the US government since 2000. While it's a fact of life that every government will have its own shortcomings, this is a pretty sizable list of fuck-ups...


YouTube Picks #29 - Helpless

Time-lapse photography on a beach with some funky background tunes...

Helpless from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Reverse Speech


According to this page people's  true intents, feelings and motives are revealed when their speech is played backwards.

Despite the examples given, personally I wouldn't want to be a person who believed this stuff...


Babies' First Day Expressions


Collection of pictures of a baby's different facial expressions...


Wanted: Paradise Island 'Caretaker'


Ever wanted to just get away from the rat-race and all that comes with it? This could be the perfect opportunity...

As seen on the BBC news website by Merlin.



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