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Strange New Products

This link was first posted on this blog on November 5th 2007


This is a blog about all the more unusual products out there on the market with entries like 'Wedgie-proof underwear' and 'Stainless steel lollipops' (really these are real mass-produced products!) Furthermore the site also links to the home pages of these products and to places where you can actually buy this weird stuff.


these are caffeinated Sunflower seeds

Future Apple Products (Part 2)


Following on from last month's post on this topic - here's a similar page.



Scientists have discovered that dogs appear to experience feelings of jealousy and pride (previously only humans and chimps were thought to exhibit these qualities).

Also, stress causes human brain cells to either shrink or grow - this can cause problems for our central nervous systems.

Despite these examples this site actually makes quite interesting reading...


a scientist man
Kudos to the guy who made this mix - this can not have been easy to do...

Modern Electrical Outlets And Power Strips


I'm not sure that I'd want some of these in our place - some of them look a bit on the dangerous side but sure they would make a good talking point at a dinner party (if you're into those).


Which Book


If you are like me then you spend at least 30 minutes every day reading a book. This site will help you find a read for every mood you're in at the time.

You choose your own parameters using sliding scales and the site will recommend a book or books according to your customized parameters.

Nice idea.


Sex And The Recession


Is your company suffering from decreased profits? Worried about the security of your job?

Well, it would appear that one industry is doing OK out of all this misery - I guess we've all got more of a good excuse for having more nights in these days - and you know what a quiet night in might lead to...


Science Of Music

This link was first posted on this blog on November 4th 2007


"What is music? Is birdsong music? How about the tap-tap-tap of a hammer, or the wail of a creaking door? Is playing a garbage can different than playing a drum?"




Yes, I know, you're probably thinking that you see far too many of links to these Photoshop articles and competitions on this site. If you're halfway computer-literate then the chances are that you can make your own stuff in PS but you do need the imagination to think of what to do in the first place!


Watch It Shred


For those moments when you're totally pissed off with life - watch videos of various items being shredded in an industrial shredding machine. It's not as good as doing it yourself but there's a certain level of satisfaction to be had here...


YouTube Picks #27 - Evolution Of Apple Inc.

A visual history of Apple's products right from the start. I'm personally not much of an Apple Mac fan - but I have got an (old) iPod...



"The most comprehensive image buggery on the Web."

Put a website name or URL into the search bar and it will pick an image from that site and fuck it up.



Just like the title says - and I confirm - these women are hot!


Chandra North

Tons Of Quotes

This link was first posted on this blog on November 5th 2007


Browse through thousands of quotes by subject or author - there's literally quotes on every topic under the Sun here.


Antonin Artaud said, "It is not opium which makes me work but its absence, and in order for me to feel its absence it must for time to time be present."

If Valentine's Cards Told The Truth


Best And Worst Lists: 2008


On this page you will find many, many links to articles on best and worst things of 2008. There are categories on cars, books, dance, architecture and loads more other stuff.

Check out the best Wordpress themes, India's best-dressed, the 100 worst movies or the 10 best breweries...


This is the McEwans brewery right here in Edinburgh - on a good day you can smell it from miles away...

Make Your Own Kaleidoscope


If you like fiddling with stuff then this will keep you occupied for a while.


YouTube Picks #26 - Star Wars v Star Trek

It's clear - there can only be one winner...

Side View Generator


Input a name or any word or combination of letters and this widget will show you the name as viewed at all angles and then work out what that name might look like if viewed sideways-on.sideview.png

this is what 'Baan Liam' generates to...

Beware The Bellybuttons


Let's face it - these things have pretty much served their purpose to us by the time we are born. You can guarantee that everybody has got one - otherwise you would have had a pretty difficult time developing in the womb!

This site is devoted exclusively to pictures of various people's navels - has archives going back as far as 1999...


picture NOT taken from this site as apparently that is not allowed



"Biorhythm charts illustrate the principle that we are influenced by physical, emotional, and intellectual cycles. Many people report that they can improve the quality of their lives by monitoring the highs and lows of these cycles and acting accordingly. For example, you might try to schedule important exams during your intellectual highs, avoid talking to your significant other during your emotional lows, or arranging the lineup of your baseball team around their physical highs."


these are my Primary patterns for today

Kung Fu Science

This link was first posted on this blog on November 2nd 2007


Visitors to this nicely done flash site can learn about how the laws of physics are exploited to the full in Kung-Fu moves. Also learn a bit of Kung-Fu yourself while you're at it...

seven star color scan.jpg

Sneaky Cheap


"There are lots of crafty things people do to save money. Some are good ideas, some are lousy ideas, and some are downright criminal."


Falsely claiming you found a hair/bug/it was cold/ to get a free meal

The Best Things In Life


You know when your favourite song comes on the radio? Or you find a £20 note in your coat from last winter? These are the little things that we live for...


YouTube Picks #25 - Dog Saves Dog


Cats In Sinks


"What is Cats in Sinks? It's obvious. It's about cats. And kittens. Who like sinks. And basins."


Funny Signs And Silly Billboards


New York Headshot

Topless women out and about

Site features pictures of women with their baps out - out and about in the city.



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