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Star Trek Inspirational Posters


"Based on those delightful inspirational posters which have become a fixture of dentists' surgeries everywhere."


Girl-Speak To English Dictionary


LIght-hearted guide to what the fairer sex actually mean when they say stuff.


Things They Don't Tell You (But Should)


Cutesy comic strip like site with sage advice from a grown up grown-up.


"Just because yours is smaller doesn't make you less of a man. Unless we're talking about your brain."

Word Association


Play the word association game online here. My attempt was a bit pathetic:

chain (15 words): cowardice, green, planet, earth, turns, blind, bluff, cove, cave, dark, mark, spot, mole, hill, tor

You can also play on a WAP enabled phone here

" has currently been running for 1827 days, and has learnt a total of 62,979 words - roughly equivalent to the vocabulary of the average adult. it has learnt 9,340,687 associations between these words.

over the last seven days, the program has been able to respond with a meaningful word association 99.8% of the time."


Tricks of the Trade


Professional secrets from those in the know. Learn tricks about how to be a waiter, animator or even just a good mother.


or try and do 'em all at the same time...
There are probably many others in this genre but this is the one I saw...

25 Clever Bar Pick-Up Lines


"Pick up lines, chat up lines, whatever you call them, we've all heard at least a few. There are some that will invariably send women running for the hills, and others for which you can only hope the lucky girl is very, very drunk when you let them fly. The bottom line is there is a very negative stigma surrounding these sleazy attempts at starting a conversation that will end in fornication. However, there are some lines that deserve mention and merit a list in such a fashion as we've created."


A bar

Funny Names


"Admit it. As you were looking up a number in the phone book, a funny listing caught your eye. You chuckled at the poor guy whose name is also a curse word. Then you thought, 'If I had nothing better to do, what other funny names could I find in the phone book?'"


20 Pareidolia and Apparitions


"Things that look like other things are often referred to as pareidolia. A vague stimulus from an image or sound is being perceived as significant. A slight pattern in an object is perceived in our brain and linked to something we know in real life, such as a face or a religious symbol."


Elephant cliff

Simply Noise


Adjustable white noise! This can be used for:

- aid sleep
- enhance privacy
- block distractions
- mask tinnitus
- configure audio equipment
- soothe migraines

and apparently more! There's also brown and red noise as well.


Chronotopic Anamorphosis


"This video shows the test of a software developed as a programming exercise. The image is digitally manipulated by fragmenting it into horizontal lines and then combining lines from different frames in the display. The result is a distorsion of the figures caused by their motion in time, or, as Brazilian researcher Arlindo Machado calls it: chronotopic anamorphosis."


Another example of said effect

Forgotten Medical Cures


Growing list of home remedies and cures that have been dug up out of the past (and present).

So if you've got diarrhea - add more cheese to your diet

...and if you've got runaway dysentery - boil up some red oak!


This is gout when it's really bad
Due to an impending shortage of new links (don't worry I have still got a few left) I have decided to start embellishing this page with some of my favourite YouTube vids - however I will only be posting these from time to time...

This one is actually an advert, but like all great ads you only realize this near the end.

100 Greatest Movie Posters


"A great movie poster is a hard thing to find. Most posters are cut and paste jobs that don't sell the movie very well at all. A great poster should intrigue, shock, inspire & excite. It should be aesthetically beautiful or original. Above all, it should be so memorable that a single glance will be instantly recognizable."


Best of TV News Lip Slips


"Embarrassing, uncomfortable and downright amazing..."

newsreader (250 x 400).jpg

In case you're wondering -- no, he's not included...but he's my favourite newsreader, hence this pic

Squeeze those Zits


This is a game where you have to pop all the zits on a guy's face against the clock. Little bit of silliness for a Friday evening...

zit (250 x 198).jpg

I have to say that it's not as satisfying as the real thing...



You may have seen the odd 'quirky' story containing reports in the media of certain religious icons apparently crying. This site is devoted to those reports with pictures and commentary on an (alarming) number of cases of this...

I would suggest that these are the work of creative priests looking to increase the numbers of their flock, but hey, what do I know?

weeping190 (180 x 242).jpg

Sacred Heart picture of Jesus weeping blood - India

The 48 Laws of Power


No fancy frills, just plain HTML - read about how to claw your way to the top.

power (226 x 159).jpg



Chinese watermelon art. This is essentially pictures of some fantastic watermelon carvings - check it out...


Strange But True


Did you know:

- that in Tokyo a bicycle is faster than a car for most of trips of less than 50 minutes?

- your body is creating and killing 15 million red blood cells per second?

- in Iceland tipping is considered an insult?

see the site for more of these...

kingofhearts (234 x 312).jpg

The King of Hearts is the only king without a moustache...

"Are you stuck on a sweltering summer day without air conditioning? Here’s how to cool yourself down before the heat overwhelms your body."

fan (165 x 257).jpg

Electric fans aren't actually mentioned but these things got me through my 10 years in the tropics



Concise advice to help you on many, many topics. As it bills itself - "possibly the most useful site on the Web."

checklist (248 x 273).jpg

Finger Knitting


"Finger knitting is the art of knitting without needles. It is relaxing and easy to do. You can make scarves, toy snakes, gift wrap decorations, headbands, and more with these knit ropes"

One for the ladies methinks....

fingerknit (300 x 225).jpg

There's pics to show you how..

Free Documentaries


"At, you can stream interesting and provocative documentary films for free" There's various categories to choose from with multiple films in each one. This'll be one for those long night-shifts!

Hacking-Democracy (257 x 351).jpg

This one is the #1 listing on the site

Computer Enhancers


"Dozens of improvements to, totally meaningless, or humorous (intentional and otherwise), computer messages."

ErrorMsg07 (315 x 336).gif

See the site for more like this

Sensible Units


Convert boring units to real objects as you type. So you know when you have like a number of things - say, 50 kilograms? Well this thing will let you picture that in units of something that you know and understand - so that 50 kilos becomes:

- 37 Macbook Airs
- 30 average physics textbooks
- 10 average domestic cats
- or 6.9 men's shotputs

kilo (256 x 320).jpg

A kilo.



Hypermiling is a term used in North America that refers to a set of techniques to maximise fuel economy while driving.

The techniques listed on this page have become popular since the recent fuel price rises. Some of these techniques seem a little dangerous so do it at your own risk.

dashboard (300 x 300).jpg

Get Annoyed


The Web's largest list of pet peeves - i.e. annoying things that piss people off...

2parkspace (320 x 240).jpg

Taking up 2 parking spaces is on there! So if you're my neighbour who always tends to do this a lot this post is dedicated to you!

Unusual Wikis


"This page is for Wikipedians to list articles that seem a little unusual. These articles are valuable contributions to the encyclopedia, but are a bit odd, whimsical, or something you would not expect to find in Encyclopaedia Britannica."

Remember the Y2K problem? Well apparently there's going to be a Year 2038 problem and a year 10,000 problem as well...

wiki (225 x 125).gif

Best Mugshots Ever

Best mugshots ever

There are other sites on this topic that are a lot more comprehensive than this page but these are the best of the best...

mugshot (218 x 285).jpg

You may need your sunglasses for this one


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