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Close-Up Digicams


"These are real-world examples of how different digital cameras work in their macro and close-up modes."

Dubai Architecture...Watch it Develop!


See a picture of Dubai before all the crazy development started and then watch it grow...step-by-step and then there's the future predictions of what it's going to end up like..

This is actually quite astounding.


1990 - before it all started

World War 1 Colour Photos


Colour - from back then? These were taken by the French during the last 2 years of the Great War. Let's try and not let this sort of thing happen again...


Observation post (French)...

The Coolest Gizmos


Cool gadgets but will they crack the market? Decide for yourself...


1.3 Megapixel spy camera sunglasses...awesome!!

39 Dollar Experiment


Guy is left with $39 in his pocket one day and decides to use it to buy 100 stamps and send 100 letters to 100 different companies asking for free stuff.

This page tells you how he got on - company by company...


Wrigley's -REJECTED!

"Told me to buy my own gum — and where to buy it!"

You Thought We Wouldn't Notice


Site focuses on commercial sector ripping off each others ideas. From the looks of this page this tends to happen quite a lot...


Top pic is The Arctic Monkeys site. Bottom pic is The Prodigy's site.

How to...Carve Soap


Learn how to do it...


Fascinating Thingummybob


It's actually entitled 'Cloth Physics Simulation'...whatever - if you're anything like me then this will keep you entertained for a few minutes...

Failure Photos


Suite of photos of abject failures. See for yourself...



Banner ads are the annoying adverts that you see all the time whilst browsing the Web. What would banner ads look like in a world where they were required to tell the honest truth? This site offered a prize for the person with enough insight (and Photoshop skills) to show what these ads would be like if they were actually truthful.


Phrase Finder


"This writers' resource spawns ideas for headlines, advertising copy, song lyrics, poetry etc. Journalists, advertising copywriters, songwriters, or anyone interested in creative writing in English, can benefit from this ideas generator."

It's an online thesaurus, but it's different from the thesauri you might be used to using, it finds phrases rather than single words.Enter a word and it will generate a list of phrases and sayings related to that word - often including interesting selections that you may not have anticipated."


Fruit and Veg


All the info about your fruits and veggies. Recipes, scientific facts, history, seasonal availability and anything else you can think of on this topic.


Broccoli can help fight cancer...

Most Expensive Cars in the World

Top 10 most expensive cars in the world


The Bugatti Veyron is top...

Send Me a Voicemail


This guy gives his number and asks that people leave him a voicemail. The best ones are posted on this site for everyone to hear. I'm presuming this is mainly for folks in the States as it is probably an American number so I've warned you now - if you ring it and then get a monumental phone bill don't blame the messenger!


Personalized E-Cards


At the risk of sounding very much like a certain kind of spam email - make your own personalized greetings cards on this site using the head transplant tool. I would definitely advise watching the tutorial clip before you get started on one.

(sorry - no pic for this post)

Build it Solar


Renewable energy site for DIYers. Info on solar-powered houses, heating, cooking, lighting. bio-fuels and there's even a kid's section. Don't let it be said that I'm not 'green' - this is me promoting the use of renewable energy sources!


A solar=powered house...

All about Salt


"Besides making food delicious, it's believed there are more than 14,000 uses of salt, and our grandmothers were probably familiar with most of them.Many of these uses were for simple things around the home before the advent of modern chemicals and cleaners. However, many uses are still valid today and a lot cheaper than using more sophisticated products."

Rock Salt.jpg

Crystal of rock salt

Baby Do's and Don'ts

Found this page shortly after our new baby was born. Have to say it's quite funny in places.


Rules of Thumb


Ever wondered why MacDonalds are generally spaced out 14 minutes walk apart in city centre areas? Or how much of a total household income should be spent on housing? Or why women twirl their hair when talking to a man? Or another woman?

Read what everyone has contributed to this site and you can submit your own pearls of wisdom as well...



From the Webby Awards - "2006 will surely go down as the year when Internet video broke to the worldwide masses, but even before this historical benchmark, online video was an important part of many users' Internet experiences. To celebrate its 12th year, The Webby Awards has put together a list of some of the most important, influential and beloved online videos of all-time. It wasn't easy to narrow down over a decade of online video to just twelve, but each of the videos listed below represents an important starting point for the tactics and trends currently flourishing online."


Best of History Sites


Site contains links to other history sites including topics on pre-history, ancient/biblical history, medieval, American history, early modern European, modern history, World War II and more. For teachers there are also lesson plans and games.


There's stuff going back to cavemen as well.

Great Fishing


If you're like me and like your fishing then this is an interesting resource. Hundreds and hundreds of articles from the whole spectrum of the fishing world - from hobby to commercial fishing you are sure to find plenty to keep you reading on this site.


Yes that's fishing and not phishing...

15 Unexpected Shop Names


Just like the title says --- check it out...


I'm not sure that I'd like to buy anything from here...

People Aged 1 to 100


This is a YouTube video of 100 people literally of all ages between 1 and 100 years old.

13 Time-Lapse Wonders


"Time-lapse is a cinematography technique whereby each film frame is captured at a rate much slower than it will be played back. When replayed at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. Time-lapse photography can be considered to be the opposite of high speed photography."

Drive coast-to-coast across the States, see ants digging tunnels, see a building being demolished and more...


This is a picture taken off another site - the site I have linked to has speeded-up video clips...

Tyrannical Bosses

6 tyrannical bosses worse than yours

"We’ve all had those days (weeks… months…) at work. Nothing seems to go right. Anything that can possibly go wrong does go wrong. Stuff you didn’t even know could go wrong goes wrong. But before you throw in the towel, check out these tyrannical bosses and think to yourself, “At least I haven’t been beheaded… yet…”


Henry VIII is one of them...

Tesla Coils


Some awesome pictures of high voltage Tesla experiments on this site. There's over 1200 pictures on the site itself with best pics on the front page.

Tesladownunder Car Theft Protection 1000_small.jpg

Lost in Translation


"What happens when an English phrase is translated (by computer) back and forth between 5 different languages? The authors of the Systran translation software probably never intended this application of their program. As of September 2007, translation software is almost good enough to turn grammatically correct, slang-free text from one language into grammatically incorrect, barely readable approximations in another. But the software is not equipped for 10 consecutive translations of the same piece of text. The resulting half-English, half-foreign, and totally non sequitur response bears almost no resemblance to the original. Remember the old game of "Telephone"? Something is lost, and sometimes something is gained."


'I'm a little tea pot, short and stout.'
translates to
'They are a small POTENTIOMETER, short circuits and a beer of malzes of the tea.

Following on from previous posts in a similar vein - here's another 20 crackers for ya...



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