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Bar Tricks


Excellent tricks for bored bartenders...and if you're just a punter then it may be worth knowing these as well. Everyone should have seen at least one version of one of these tricks by now.


Hottest Female Athletes

Just like the title says...from swimming to golf to snowboarding - don't worry - it's a lot more tasteful than some of the links that people used to put up on my old forum page!

Maria Sharapova (Tennis)

The History of Nations

Read up on the history of every single country in the World - site looks to have information from around the beginning of time up until around 2005.

thailand-map.gifMy favourite country...

Nobel Prize site

The official Nobel Prize website - all the facts...


The prize...

The Earth from Above

THis is another one of Yann Arthus Bertrand's brilliant sites - breathtaking photos taken in many different countries around the world. Many many wallpapers to download on this site - make sure you check out all the countries...


Site has step-by-step instructions on how to do stuff - well actually many of the topics are pretty obscure and things that you otherwise would not think of doing...many categories of things to do - hey this is pretty interesting stuff!

Classic Short Stories

Whether it's Edgar Allan Poe or Mark Twain you'll find something to read in these classic short stories.


Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

Sell your Body to Science


Work out how much your loved ones would make from selling your body parts if they sold them to medical science...mine was $3,350 (£1,716.39) (Bt104,405.55)


Museum of Hoaxes


Check out the encyclopedia of hoaxes, tall stories and various pranks here.Take the gullibility tests and read the forum entries as well.



WWII in Colour

We are all used to seeing pictures of World War 2 in black and white - but apparently a lot of photos were actually shot in colour and have only recently been declassified...


The Spitfire Mk.1

Alphabet Evolution

Graphical representation of how the Western European alphabet characters have evolved over time - starts with Phoenician @ 900 BC. If you are into languages then this page will interest you no end probably.

Phoenician alphabet

Only 30 Years Worth of Oil left!


Crazy Thoughts

This is a nice place to settle for a while during your frenzied web browsing attacks! It's a people's place to ask all those questions that may be just a tad difficult to answer - e.g. "How old to you have to be before it can be said that you died of old age?" Or "If humans evolved from monkeys / apes then why do we still have monkeys / apes?"


How much is that worth now?

Here you can compare the worth of any sum of money going back hundreds of years in GB pounds and US dollars. You can also look at exchange and inflation rates and the relative price of gold.

I had a little play with this and it turns out that £1 back in the year 1264 was worth £4,731.42 in 2006 (you can only come forward as far as 2006).


100 Most often Misspelled Words in English


Even though we all have our own ideas about how we spell our words they are not always rite (sic)...

spelling bee.jpg

McDonalds Menus around the World

Continuing in the fast food vein - McD's sells different food in different countries around the world. Find out what you're missing...


World's most Amazing Coincidences

You may have come across some of  these amazine true stories before somewhere - but likely not all of them...


Ads versus Reality

Compare pictures of fast food as they are advertised with what they look like in reality - like when you actually buy them.


McDonalds Sausage Burrito

(Don't think we have these in the UK)

A Moment on Earth

A moment on Earth is a mosaic of pictures taken by around 60 odd photographers around the world at a particular time - August the 4th 2004 @ 12 noon GMT to be precise. Click anywhere on the mosaic to zoom in and see the pic and read some background to that pic. Neat idea...:-))


Seen this image anywhere before? If not then you haven't read the archives yet...do so at your peril!

All about Ferrets


You may already or may want to keep them as pets, hunt rabbits with them or breed them. This site will tell you all about them and how to do it...


This one's just a young 'un by the looks of it.

Remember your old toys?

If you can't then you soon will when you visit this site. It's got info and pictures about vintage toys from all living generations of people.


Anyone remember this?

Big Numbers

If I've told you once I've told you fifty six septillion eight hundred seventy four sexillion eight hundred fifty two quintillion one hundred thirty six quadrillion five hundred ninety eight trillion four hundred seventy five billion two hundred fifteen million eight hundred eighty four thousand nine hundred sixty three times!



This site goes into in-depth explanations of origins and practice of most of the world's different massage techniques.You can search for your nearest place offering a particular type of massage, learn what equipment you need to do it yourself and learn how to do it as well.

(No, the alternative type of Thai massage is not included, but I reckon we all know how to do that anyway)


Hot stone massage

The End of the World

A poignant anti-nuclear video clip and a message to our great leaders...


BBC News Magazine presents this fun article which is essentially an annual summary of new and interesting information. It is an entertaining listing of facts, revelations, words and other tidbits of odd data to come out of the past year in the news.

Did you know it takes 75kg of raw material to make the average mobile phone? Or if all the Smarties eaten in one year were laid end to end it would equal almost 63,380 miles, more than two-and-a-half times around the Earth's equator.

penguins.jpgImage taken from the site.

Random Surfing

Are you a hard-core surfer? This site will take you to a completely random link every time you click the button.Links open in a new tab but you might just find yourself clicking on the 'X' button quite a lot - but chances are you will soon come to something of interest.

Magnificent Trees

Pictures of the 10 most unusual and amazing trees the world has ever seen. Pretty much all of these are absolutely incredible. These are real trees and can be checked so I don't think Photoshop is responsible for once.

Ladder tree.

Worlds within Worlds

within worlds, within worlds, within worlds, within worlds, inside worlds, wrapped in worlds...

(needs about 10 seconds to load up)...

Arrest Yourself!

Don't go thinking that this is for real, and it would be funny if it was, but I'm guessing that if you did it and handed it in at your local police station they may actually take it seriously. And you know that the boys in blue have that famous sense of humour of theirs eh...


Create your own South Park Character

Title speaks for itself...it's their legs that always crack me up...



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