all about me...

Hi again

just thought I'd tell ya all a little about myself before I get started...that's me in the picture with my son Bill. This was taken a few years ago now when we still lived in Thailand...

liambill.GIFWe live in Edinburgh, Scotland now. I'm 38 and work for an ISP based locally here. I enjoy surfin the Net whilst listening to dub reggae....many of the sites that I will link to off this blog I found whilst doing this very thing...

whilst you're here - take the time to check out the rest of this site.

 If you're learning programming and are interested in VB.NET - there's some simple sample programs with code provided - these come from the correspondence course that I did - it cost us a lot of money to do and I later found the very same course available on the Net for 4000% cheaper so I decided to post all I had done up on the Net for anyone to use/reference.

There's also the miscellaneous section with funnies (well at least I find them funny) and other stuff as well

I'll cya soon



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