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Geograph the British Isles

Apologies for the non-Brits amongst us - this may not be of interest to you but maybe you could start a similar project in your own country...

This project aims to cover every grid square in Britain with photographic footage...you can browse photos of your home town (or street in many cases) or submit your own photos to the project to be featured on the site.

Hot or Not?

Submit a flattering picture of yourself to this famous website and people will rate you on how sexy you are! Or alternatively just vote on other people's hotness - either way a brilliant and much talked about site when it first appeared.


74 Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena

There are many many sites on this topic but this collection is well worth a look with many classics and some new stuff included - take the full tour for the full experience...


125 questions: what don't we know yet?

We already know a helluva lot about our world - and science in general is so much more advanced now than it was just 100 years ago. This scientific site contains lectures on the stuff that we do not yet know about i.e. the mysteries of our universe which have still not yet been unlocked. Should keep the researchers busy for years to come.


This chili head site has all anyone needs to known about chilis - including why people get a buzz when eating them, how-tos on just about every aspect of growing, storing, drying and smoking them - as well as a pretty big database of chili recipes....this is FANTASTIC!!


what do you want to do with your life?

Create your own wish lists and join in with others achieving their dreams at www.43things.com/. This site can inspire you to do the sorts of things that you've never even thought about doing. You can read other people's comments for tips about how to do them and help other people do things that you've done already.

"1,289,989 people in 13,941 cities are doing 1,113,065 things"

Excellent idea for a website and very well done - check it out.

Traditions of the Sun worshippers

For thousands of years the world's more advanced cultures have been able to make certain observations about the sun and its movements. Traditions of the Sun explores this with media from special ancient sun-watching sites around the world.


Encyclopedia of Television

<Quote> "The Encyclopedia of Television includes more than 1,000 original essays from more than 250 contributors and examines specific programs and people, historic moments and trends, major policy disputes and such topics as violence, tabloid television and the quiz show scandal. It also includes histories of major television networks as well as broadcasting systems around the world and is complemented by resource materials, photos and bibliographical information." </Quote>

I know this is very sad  but here's a scene from my favourite show - the one and only Coronation St.

way back when...

check out the wayback machine on this site. It's 85 billion archived webpages going back as far as 1996 for some sites.

for example see what the Google and Yahoo pages looked like way back in the day...

50 things you can do with your IPod

explore all the hacks that people have found to do on their IPods - you can get it to read text files out loud to you, turn it into a laser pointer and even run Linux on it...plus a lot more than just that - check this out at your leisure ;-))


microscopic detail

see various stuff as seen through a microscope  - salt and pepper, velcro, scotch tape being pulled apart etc etc

believe it or not these are vitamin C crystals


skycars are here


these skycars may well be the future for us all - but they sure as hell don't look too safe

site includes videos of various skycars hovering and flying around during testing and some technical specifications as well


Museum of Retro Technology

browse a large list of inventions that we may well have been using today if things had been different - here's a pic of an early motorcycle...


there's steam-powered aeroplanes, jet-propelled paddle boats and analogue computers amongst the entries...it's worth it for a laugh but bear in mind that a lot of this stuff was actually made.

for all Simpsons fans everywhere

I don't think Last Exit to Springfield is an official site - but it don't half look like it should be - in fact it makes Baan Liam look like a load of crud (which it probably is)


great site - and plenty of downloadable free goodies as well...

just need to find one for South Park now...hmm

13 things that do not make sense

If you like your science then this page will be of interest - it's all about the things that scientists at present don't understand and can't explain...

learn about the placebo effect, dark matter, cold fusion and more here - although of course it's described but not explained :-p

solar death ray


listen I know Mythbusters did experiments with similar things but this takes it a bit further...


gruesome pictures of stuff gradually being melted by the thing with a running commentary as well

is this the answer to our urban traffic woes? :-D take a look at this MPEG video clip and if you want to build your own he tells you how to do it, what you need and gives you the software for the electronics HERE

I've gotta have one of these...:-))


and this will REALLY make you think

what does 2 to the power of 100 really look like? this is something that Nathan has got on his site and I just thought I'd put it up here cos when you read it it'll probably blow you away  :-o

makes you think

this site has all sort of statistics about the world updated in real time as you watch


have to admit - it's a bit of an eye-opener...

how to write Chinese symbols


learn how to write your name in Chinese characters....or other words as well...this site has got a pretty comprehensive listing of names and words - http://www.chinese-symbols.com/


in case you're wondering - that's Liam in Chinese :-p

penny stacking feats

structures made outa pennies - i think it's an American site so pennies mean cents - or do they also call them pennies?


same difference anyway - go and have a look...

all about me...

Hi again

just thought I'd tell ya all a little about myself before I get started...that's me in the picture with my son Bill. This was taken a few years ago now when we still lived in Thailand...

liambill.GIFWe live in Edinburgh, Scotland now. I'm 38 and work for an ISP based locally here. I enjoy surfin the Net whilst listening to dub reggae....many of the sites that I will link to off this blog I found whilst doing this very thing...

whilst you're here - take the time to check out the rest of this site.

 If you're learning programming and are interested in VB.NET - there's some simple sample programs with code provided - these come from the correspondence course that I did - it cost us a lot of money to do and I later found the very same course available on the Net for 4000% cheaper so I decided to post all I had done up on the Net for anyone to use/reference.

There's also the miscellaneous section with funnies (well at least I find them funny) and other stuff as well

I'll cya soon


Welcome to the new blog!

Hi everybody

Thanks for bearing with me through the problems of the old bulletin board. As it was pretty much just myself who was posting decent stuff to that I have decided to change the whole format of the page, and as you can see, it is now a blog.

There was a lot of material on the BB so I am now going to start the process of transferring all those links across to this page.

Hope you enjoy yourselves here!



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