5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids


Following a conversation with my (now adult) son I found this article and thought I would share with all the other parents out there who are worried what effect their parenting style is having on their own kids ..

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"You don't have to be a professional to take a great shot; all you need is simply to be in the right place, catch the right moment, and hit the shutter button.

The authors of the following photos prove us that to create something this beautiful you don't need any special graphic tools. Just use your imagination, and the result may profoundly surprise you."


"The ultimate Lotus Pose on the beach."


I would consider myself a bit of an anxious person, constantly worrying / obsessing about little things like being on time and what my kids are up to, and I would agree with this article - you have to fight anxiety and doing that makes you stronger ..

People Who Suffer From Anxiety Are The Strongest.jpg

Number 2 gets a lot luckier than number 3 - ouch!


Take the quiz and find out. As it turns out I'm a cat!?


Some Random Pictures


There's some good uns in here, apologies for the ones featuring women's' backsides ..:p



I always suspected that I had v little common sense and this quick test has proved me right..I'm ashamed to say that I only managed 1 out of the 6 questions correctly - hopefully EVERYBODY else who takes this little test will do better than that ..


31 Times Gravity Was Expertly Defied


20 Interesting Facts About Dolphins


Therre's a few surprising ones in here, I'm suitably enlightened..



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